Hello World!!

The Mumsies

Posh Mumsies, Dapper Daddies, and all those in between, WELCOME!

We are Ericka and Kacey and we’re so glad you all took the time to stop by and check out Posh Mumsy! As young, first-time moms, we are finding out first hand that motherhood isn’t all coos and giggles. Here we will share the ups, downs, and turn-arounds in our lives as we embrace “The Mommy Experience”–the Good, the Bad, and the Fussy.

Reality is, everyone isn’t a Stay at Home Mom (the parenting dream!), so join us as we chronicle our lives as real-world, working moms.  Learn about us and our approach to parenting, working the 9-5, and maintaining a household–all while staying posh through mommy/baby fashion, decorating, and of course, shopping.

We would love to hear from other moms too! In our comments section, share your stories, ask questions, and even post tips. We hope our experiences make you laugh, maybe cry, and even inspire.

Happy Reading!!

Ericka & Kacey

2 responses to “Hello World!!

  1. I finally played “catch up ladies” on the posts. I want to tell you guys this is so beautiful to see it come to fruition and I can’t wait to witness the longevity of your success. You 2 are some of the HARDEST working women, girlfriends, sorors, friends and MOMMYS I know. Keep giving us ALL you have and TAKE the WORLD by storm. “Go global right here” <–(In Kaceys voice) Love Love Love you 🙂 & the Poshettes posts are to die for! But come on-look at the Mumsys. Hugs and Kisses from Cali.

    • Thank you love. You know you’re support means a lot to us. Can’t wait for you to bless us with a few posts. Love you and Jourdyn always 🙂

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