My Poshette: Zoë McKenzie

What would a Posh Mumsy be without a Poshette? I would like to introduce you all to my daughter Zoë (popularly written and pronounced as Zoey, not to be confused with Zo or Zoe). I think you all get the point…. Zoë is a Two-going on Three- year old. I thought it would be best to let Zoë introduce herself to you all through a few interview questions!

1. What is your name? Zoë McKenzie!
2. Where do you live? In my pink room all by myself!
3. When is your birthday? This week is my birthday and we gonna have fun.
4. How old are you? Three (holds up two fingers)
5. Who is your best friend this week? Ethan, Katie, Aria and….and.. Sharee’ but Sharee’ hit me! (Disclaimer: we have heard this before but her teacher denies these claims and she talks about her all the time sooo we doubt it is true)
6. What makes you happy? I’m not happy! I’m mad! (proceeds to put her hands on her hips and then we both burst into laughter).
7. What makes you sad? I just want the cookies mommy! (BUSTED.. I told her she would get cookies if she answered a few questions)
8. How old is Daddy? Daddies are always five! (Well, isn’t that nice?)
9. How old do you think Mommy is? You big mommy! (Wow! Is there another descriptive word we could use?)
10. What do you like to do? Can we be silly together? (translation: spin in circles and jump on our brand new couch)
11. What do you want to be when you grow up? I’m gonna be a princess! (Note: last week it was a extremes right?)
12. How was your day at school? We learned my alphabets and my numbers. (Good answer!)
13. What’s your favorite food? Chicken nuggets and Cuties (oranges).
14. What do you want for your birthday this year? Doc Mcstuffins cake!
15. What do you think love is? You always kiss me mommy!
16. What does daddy do for work? We like to paint all the time. He a artist..I’m a artist!

No more questions mommy! No more! *runs away*

…..And this ladies and gents is my daughter Zoë!!

Zoe pic!!

Hugs and cookie kisses,


21 responses to “My Poshette: Zoë McKenzie

  1. Aww she is the cutest! Cuties and chicken nuggets are Demi’s favorite to! Happy early birthday Zoë McKenzie!

  2. This is too Cute Kacey.. i love the fact that she exposed your bribe to make her answer these questions. LOL at the disclaimer, babies will get people in trouble.

    • Hey Patrice! Thanks so much! We will highlight it ALL! And awesome….I know you could relate to some of the future posts : ) !

  3. Kacey….great job, as usual! Your creativity never stops, and it is obvious you are a wonderful mother. Kudos!!!

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