Dapper Daddies: Real Men Paint Nails!

Who said men can’t paint nails? More specifically, their daughter’s nails?


I came home to find Dapper Daddy Julian giving Zoë a full on manicure and pedicure! My first thought was “Not on my our brand new couch!” Then I thought ” Now Kacey, at least he has down your (favorite) zebra pool towel.”  These thoughts couldn’t over shadow what I was witnessing… a father bonding with his daughter through what most men would shy away from. Julian even had the clipper and nail filer going like a pro!  While he had some difficulty staying on the nail and got some of the polish on her cuticle (don’t we all have that problem?), he gets an A+ in my book!  Zoë can’t stop showing off her nails and telling people her daddy did them!



Here are some out of the box ideas of things dads can do with their daughters:

  • Daddy/Daughter dates – these don’t have to be elaborate or expensive! You can take your daughter out for lunch or make her breakfast in bed. Don’t let her first date be with some random boy from her 10th grade biology class!
  • Shopping – what little girl doesn’t love spending her dad’s money shopping?! Take her to the mall!  Let her buy an item or two : )
  • Teach her a skill – riding a bike, roller skating, to swimming and drawing! Teach her a skill she will use forever and will always  remember that her Dad taught her!
  • Camp-out – explore nature! Teach her how to fish!  Turn off the television, leave your cell phones behind and embrace the beauty of nature together!
  • Build Stuff – From Legos to building a princess throne  chair from scratch! Take on a project with your daughter that she will be able to keep for a very long time and maybe even hand it down–Hello Family Heirlooms!
  • Cook together – Learn a new recipe or make a simple meal you know she enjoys! (preferably without burning down the house)
  • Go to a sporting event– Expose her to different sports and teach her about them! Girls love sports too : )

Dapper Daddies/Uncles/Godfathers… What other things do you do to bond and spend time with your little poshette? Share below 🙂

4 responses to “Dapper Daddies: Real Men Paint Nails!

  1. I feel like this is the sweetest/cutest thing I have ever seen in my life! Having an active/attentive father makes all the world of difference throughout a females life. I don’t know what me and VeCoya would have turned out like without the presence of our father.

  2. This is AWESOME! My husband paints our daughter nails, takes her on date and takes her shopping. She LOVES to shop and get her nails done. My husband was actually the first person to paint her nails. I am all for Daddy’s Pampering their daughters… He did a great job BTW

  3. I’m a father of two girls I rilly think there’s nothing wrong with painting your daughters nails ya there’s guys out there that think this is taboo or gay or watever else they think well I paint my kids nails nd don’t rilly care for what others say or think I also do there hair my two girls are ages 8 and 6 this is also a way to have talks with ur daughters ask them how’s ur day what’s new at school things like that from time to time ill even do my wifes feet its a great way to bond with ur daughter……..

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