Posh Poll: Do you Splurge on Designer Baby Items?

Introducing…The Posh Poll!

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This week’s topic:

Do you Splurge on high-end, designer items for your Poshette or Prince?

Stroller new

Is there really a difference between that Graco Travel System and the Bugaboo Camelon3 aside from aesthetics? Does your Poshette have to own the KidKraft Kitchen Set instead of the Fisher-Price? Did you splurge on a crib set from Rosenberry Rooms instead of opting for the Targét Circo set?

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The Posh Mumsies

8 responses to “Posh Poll: Do you Splurge on Designer Baby Items?

  1. I am totally about saving! BUT, when the time comes and I am a Posh Mumsy, I will buy a “higher end” product HERE and THERE. Nothing wrong with treating (myself haha) and my child to the more expensive brands, but it definitely wouldn’t be a lifestyle of ours, when there is absolutely nothing wrong with the other products that allow me $AVE $AVE $AVE! 😀

  2. I don’t splurge like that… I wanted Chicco for the babies and that was sorta expensive…but not that expensive. It really depends on what it is… I love certain name brands and I do splurge when it comes to dressing my kids…

    • I have certain things that I will splurge on…”Invest” if you will…Major items like strollers and car seats that I KNOW i will get good use out of, sure. I don’t necessarily splurge on clothes or shoes because I know Aria will grow out of them really fast and will easily stain something. She has had a few pairs of Uggs and lots of Tom’s but you won’t see me buying any Oscar de la Renta Bloomers or anything ridiculously high-end. She will always be cute though! Just on a budget lol 🙂

  3. Personally, I think you can find good quality products that will be easy on the wallet. A brand is a brand and you are paying for that. My baby is not lacking anything and is always current, but on a dime. Now if it is something that I know will last long and I will get my money’s worth, I would consider it. However, it would have to be furniture, a learning tool, etc.

  4. There are so many lower-end brands that offer cute and stylish options for our little ones. Within the last few years H&M, Zara, and even Target have stepped up to add a dose of the more “trendy” styles to their kids collections. I enjoy my little diva picking out her own outfits from these places especially knowing the cost is of market value and not some ridiculously outrageous price. Target also sells some Designers For Target brands from time to time which I thing was a splendid idea especially for those of us who want that higher-end feel. Nordies Rack and Marshalls are also a few of my favorites when I’d like to get a branded jean or item for my daughter.

    • LOVE Zara! I don’t always have the best of luck at H&M, but when I do, its usually a really cute piece. Thanks for all of the tips on Frugal Fashion Finds 🙂

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