Weekend Recap: Zoë’s 3rd Birthday Party!

So, as you all know (or may not know), my daughter Zoë’s birthday party was this past weekend. Every year I try to look for a fun and interesting venue to host her party. This year I stumbled upon a place called “The Playseum” in Washington, D.C. I heard rave reviews about it and did a little web surfing and was completely sold. The playseum is an interactive museum where kids can hop from room to room and floor to floor, participating in various activities such as arts and crafts, nail painting, and baking! Not to mention, they can let their imagination run free acting as pirates in the “sailing seas” room, do some farming in the farm room, shop at Eastern Market, play dress up in the pink room and more! Needless to say, we were highly satisfied with the way the day turned out and Zoë truly enjoyed herself! Here are some pics of Zoë’ s third birthday party!

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