Fashion Friday: Zoë McKenzie!

Introducing…..Fashion Friday!!! What exactly is this Fashion Friday we speak of?  It’s a day (Friday, of course) where we will highlight you and your Poshette or Dapper Dude looking your very best sporting a fly outfit from head to toe! While we would ideally love to have entries with mom or dad and kids, it is perfectly fine if you opt out and only want to feature your Poshette/Dapper Dude. That’s exactly what I did with today’s post (it got too late to try to get myself and Zoe together for pictures.. but I digress)

Todays post features “Miss March”  herself (drum roll please) … Zoë McKenzie!



Name(s): Zoë

Age(s): 3 years old

Where you all are from: Maryland

What you are wearing: (Insert description of you and/or Dapper Dad’s outfit description)

What your child/children are wearing: One – shoulder chambray dress from Children’s Place here, pink gladiator sandals from Target here, John Hardy clasp bracelet (gift), Juicy Couture black leather purse (used to be mom’s)

Where you like to shop for yourself and why: (Tell us places or websites you get most of your clothing from)

Where you like to shop for your child and why: Different places! From high-end to low-end. One of my favorite places to shop for Zoë is Zara. While their prices aren’t the cheapest, they offer some of the most trendy clothing designs for kids! I often think to myself “Dag that is cute! Does this come in adult sizes?” LOL

So ladies and gents.. There you have it! Our first Fashion Friday! Want you and your Poshette/Dapper Dude to be featured? Email us with the description above and photos to!

***Not a Posh Mumsy or Dapper Dad? Well with the consent of the child’s parent, you may email a submission of yourself and a Dapper Dude or Poshette! ***

Sunshine and Sundresses,


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