Posh Poll: Do you agree with “Gentle Parenting” approach?

Do you practice “Gentle Parenting” on your child?


How about “Gentle Discipline?”


In short, the La Leche League defines Gentle Discipline as placing empathy and respect at the very center of your parenting. What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with having a heartfelt conversation with your child followed by a time-out? Or do you take a more “direct” approach with a ‘pop’ or a ‘pluck’ followed by a stern, “NO, NO!”


Take our poll…Discuss in the comments session.

Many thanks to Posh Mumsy Jasmine (Instagram: @princessjyurman) and her handsome son Cree for this week’s Posh Poll topic.

In case you missed it, view last week’s poll results here.

Love and Hugs,

The Posh Mumsies

The Posh Poll is your chance to weigh in on issues we may face as Mommies. A new poll will be posted every week; final results and a consensus of comments will be posted every Friday. Have a suggestion for a future poll? Email us at PoshMumsy@gmail.com.

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