Posh Project: Yarn Pom Poms!

Have an event coming up? Looking for a cute and simple centerpiece idea? In light of the blossoming of spring, these pom poms remind me of a bouquet of flowers.
Such a fresh and girly touch without having to spend money on expensive flowers. It also adds a nice texture to any tablescape. I’m doing these for my sister’s baby shower this weekend (Congrats Altamese and KeVon!). I made twelve and it took about two hours (with interruptions from Zoe) LOL Moving on..

This is what you will need:


  1. Scissors
  2. Yarn
  3. Sticks ( I used left over bbq skewers we didn’t use last summer)
  4. Spray paint
  5. Hot glue gun
posh project

When looking at the above pictures go from top to bottom, left to right 🙂

So… Here we go!

First: Wrap yarn around your fingers. I used four fingers because I wanted a larger pom pom.

Second: Cut the yarn from the spool and cut another piece that is about 6 inches long and thread that piece of yarn through your middle and index fingers (top and bottom) and PULL TIGHT!

Third: Make a knot as tight as possible (being that your hands are tied up. I found myself using my teeth to help pull the yarn)

Four: Now get your scissors to cut all the loops. Once you do that, fluff it out!

* a nice trim may be needed to even out the shape but I didn’t mind the shaggy look.


Fifth: Spray paint your sticks (whatever color you choose) and let dry.

Sixth: Hot glue the pom pom to the stick and Whaaaa-laaa! You have a Yarn Pom Pom!


I found these black vases on sale at Michael’s and though they would be perfect for them…



AHHHHH! Cute right? My mind is running with so many ideas with other ways the Pom Poms can be used for decor!

Hope this helps! Happy Crafting!

Parenting and Pom Poms,


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