Happy Birthday, Dear Aria.

I think its in the Mommy handbook somewhere that on your child’s birthday you MUST reminisce on days gone by.

When I woke up this morning, I looked at the clock, it said 7:00am. Exactly two years ago at 7:00am I was waking up from the best epidural-induced sleep ever. Seventeen hours of active labor and one C-section later, on Monday, April 4, 2011 at 2:59pm, life as I knew it changed forever. My love, Aria Noelle, was brought into this world.

Newborn PhotoShoot

For the big day, Mel and I said good morning to our birthday girl with balloons in bed and a Happy Birthday duet.

Good Morning Birthday Girl

Disclaimer: Our bed is being delivered next week!

We continued the “tradition” that we started last year by taking Aria to Cracker Barrel for one of her favorite breakfasts: Pancakes and Bacon (At home, she LOVES pancakes and sausage, but at Cracker Barrel its all about yummy bacon) with some of her favorite people: Mommy, Daddy, Nana, and Auntie Lauren.

This was followed by a trip to Toys R Us for a mini shopping spree. Aria loves Hello Kitty (My Kitty Kat, as she calls it), we spent almost an hour in that one aisle!! But its her day, anything goes. When we finally left the Hello Kitty aisle, Aria found “The Slide”…the spree was pretty much over after that. She didn’t want to look at another book, toy, or game…all she wanted was the slide (ironically, we didn’t get a picture of her playing with it in the store). Mel and I picked out a few more toys and we left with something like the motherload.

All of this excitement was followed by Aria’s first trip to Build-a-Bear where she built her very own Hello Kitty that she affectionately named, Princess.

Lastly, we had cake and icecream at our house with a few friends and family. The slide was a HUGE hit with all of the kids 🙂

Today was nothing short of amazing; as I sit here typing this post, Aria is cuddled up next to me snoring. These snores are almost music to my ears as I know they are the product of a beautiful day.

Silly Girl

With one glimpse of her, my days are instantly brightened and troubles fade away. I say “Thank You” to the Lord above for bringing her into my world. On this day, we celebrated the most awesome two years of our lives–Happy 2nd Birthday to my baby Ari.

Love, Hugs, and a Happy Birthday,


P.S. Aria’s party is on Sunday, stay tuned for the weekend recap!

12 responses to “Happy Birthday, Dear Aria.

  1. Best birdthday ever! Wishing Aria all the love and joy on her birthday and everyday. Beautiful pictures that makes us smile and appreciate the gift and blessings of family.

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  4. Ericka, Awesome & Creative YOU, I truly thank God above for being BLESSED to have you in my life, the mother of my only, PRECIOUS granddaughter and unborn grandson & soon to be my son’s wife. You NEVER cease to amaze me with finding the time to compile & share your life, talents, visions, dreams & goals with not only me but with others too. Aria has brought so much JOY to all of us….EVERYONE that she knows. She is so smart & funny with much personality. Her face usually shows it!! LOL More importantly, she has the BEST parents in the whole wide world!!

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