Weekend Recap: Aria’s 2nd Birthday Party!

On Thursday, we celebrated Aria’s 2nd Birthday with a fun-filled family day; yesterday we topped it off with an awesome birthday party!

Last year, everything was DIY this, homemade that, up in the wee hours of the morning kind of thing for my baby’s first year extravaganza (Throwback Post coming soon…maybe?). This year, no ma’am. I needed a stress-free, uninhibited fun and screaming for the kids, mommy and daddy will sit back and enjoy type of party. We booked a place called Thrill-O-Rama in Bowie, MD–it was nothing short of amazing–Bounce Houses, Ball Pits, Slides, Imagination Center, Arcade Rooms, Mazes, and much more. Despite a bout with allergies (where did those come from?!), Aria had a BLAST, and so did all of her guests. After the party, Dapper Daddy Mel and I high-fived one another for the second birthday success. It was easy to see that Aria truly enjoyed herself in every aspect, and although she may not remember these days when she gets older, we definitely will.

To everyone who helped make Aria’s 2nd Birthday a memorable experience, Mel and I say THANK YOU!!!! 🙂

Here are a few pics from the day :

Love, Hugs, and Birthdays,


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