Posh Poll: Did you choose to Breastfeed your child?

Did you make the decision to breastfeed your child? Or did you know during pregnancy that you were going to strictly formula-feed your baby?


While most doctor’s, nurses, and experts say, “Breast is Best,” some Moms may not feel the same way for one reason or another. If you did not to breastfeed at all, what made you decide against it? If you breastfed from birth, what made you decide to do so? Did you want to but had difficulties producing milk? Take our poll and weigh in on your decision in the comments section.


In case you missed it, view last week’s poll results here.

Love, Hugs, and Liquid Gold,

The Posh Mumsies

The Posh Poll is your chance to weigh in on issues we may face as Mommies. A new poll will be posted every week; final results and a consensus of comments will be posted every Friday. Have a suggestion for a future poll? Email us at PoshMumsy@gmail.com.

6 responses to “Posh Poll: Did you choose to Breastfeed your child?

  1. I knew with all three of my children, before they were born, that I would breastfeed each of them. Yes, breast is certainly best, but I really chose to nurse because that’s what my body was designed to do, so why wouldn’t I? I’ve had issues arise, but I have always been super committed and the issues have, thankfully, been resolved. 🙂 You can read more about my expereinces here: http://atlantamomofthree.wordpress.com/2013/03/06/what-do-you-think-breastfeeding/

  2. I breastfed Jordyn her first week. On that following Monday at her first doctor appointment we found out she had a high level of jaundice and was causing issues in her brain so she was taken by helicopter to the Dallas Children’s Hospital and was there for a week. She wasn’t getting enough milk from me because my breast were too large and she would fall asleep from trying to get milk but I thought she was getting plenty. The lack of milk caused the high levels of jaundice. After that I NEVER breastfed again. It was an emotional decision but it was the best choice for my sanity and her health 🙂

  3. I didn’t. My son started on formula at the hospital, and from there he wouldn’t accept anything else! I felt a bit guilty at first because I felt I could’ve changed that, but he’s healthy now and that’s what really matters!

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