Posh Poll: The Results Post

Last week, we asked our readers, “Do you agree with the ‘Gentle Parenting’ approach?” The results are in:

  • 4% of our readers said: “Yes. I want my child to seek refuge in me. Not fear me.”
  • 24% of you said: “No. Spare the rod, spoil the child.”
  • A unanimous 72% said: ” It’s about balance–Respect, Love, and Teaching.”

Again, the Posh Mumsies are going to go with the majority on this one. While we aren’t totally for the Gentle Parenting approach, we aren’t going to go all Mommy Dearest on our children either. For example, you see your child about to stick something into the electrical outlet. Personally, I don’t think that warrants a respectful talking to because of the potential danger of the situation, but I am also not the type of parent that will let my child touch it, get shocked, and learn for themselves. I feel as though a “pop” or a “pluck” of the hand is necessary coupled with a “No, No! Don’t Touch! That’s dangerous.” It will let your child know in the future that Mommy said, no, and they will remember what happened last time. Granted, children can be somewhat belligerent and they will go for it again, and, yes, the consequences will be repeated.

But let’s not get things misconstrued. Gentle Parenting/Discipline is not what it truly sounds like. You may hear the phrase “gentle discipline” and think its mushy, weak, absent-minded discipline. It might remind you of families with no boundaries, children controlling the parents, or selfish, impulsive children that no one wants to be around. Or you might think of parents afraid to say no, afraid of their children’s tantrums. We all know this kind of parenting does exist (Think Wal-Mart Toy Aisle or the Candy Aisle), but it is known as “permissive parenting.” Fortunately, gentle discipline has nothing to do with this ineffective and problematic style of parenting. Gentle discipline is strong and effective for those that choose to use this method.

The approach you take to parenting is as individual as your DNA. By all means, do what works best for you and your child.

What type of parenting approaches do you tend to use on your children?


Love, Hugs, and Teaching our children,

The Posh Mumsies

Gentle Parenting information courtesy of La Leche League International.

3 responses to “Posh Poll: The Results Post

  1. When I first began to research gentle/positive parenting. I breathed a loud sigh of relief at the fact that it’s not passive. It is a very deliberate direction that operates from the mindset of respectful guidance.

    I agree that balance is key. Like you said, in emergency situations one may have to scream “STOP!” to get your child out of immediate danger. I have found that because I parent gently, my son is more apt to respond during dangerous situations where immediate obedience is necessary for safety.

    • Excellent POV. 🙂 It’s great that you have found an approach that works well for you and your son that keeps the lines of communication open while maintaining a certain level of authority. Thanks so much for joining in on the discussion!

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