Posh Project: Bookcase Makeover!

You all know that moment when you have this burst of energy to finally get a project done that you’ve been talking about for months?  Yeah, that just happened. So, let me introduce you all to our bookcase:


That’s right, you only get one picture of it. There is no need for fancy angles for this before picture. We did nothing but slap all the books in the house on two shelves from tallest to shortest and throw up some pictures along with some thrift store knick knacks.  I always told myself that I would one day paint or wallpaper the back of the bookcase and re-arrange the books/items in a funky way but the thought of having to do that made my head hurt (don’t we all know that feeling?).  One day while splurging  shopping at T.J. Maxx, I found some shelf liners by Laura Ashley that came with two rolls for $5.99!! I just couldn’t leave it there! I loved the warm tone and print. I knew it would be perfect for the bookshelves!


So, here we are, back to the day where I experienced this miraculous burst of energy (it may have been the bright sun and warm spring weather). I asked Dapper Daddy Julian to come and help be my extra hands with this project. We took down all of the books, wiped the shelves clean, and began measuring each shelf  (we found that some of the shelves had different measurements so be sure to check). Once we measured out the shelves, we cut the needed amount out of the shelf liner.

The measurements and grid on the back sure helped!!
The measurements and grid on the back sure helped!!

Next we carefully applied it over and over on the back of the bookcase. This took some patience!! The great thing about these shelf liners is that the sticky back allows you to easily take off and re-apply the liner. Here is what the bookshelf looked like when we put the liners on:


Still not convinced? Look again…



A long-term goal we have is to paint the basement walls which will cause the bookcase to pop out even more! We also hope to fill in that bottom shelf with new summer reads we may add to our library. Oh, and before I forget… so, Julian came downstairs to check out the finished product and started laughing! You read that correctly…he started laughing!!  I was confused, thinking to myself “what’s so funny?!” Then he says “This is awesome! You sure are talented!”   (wipes sweat) It was all worth it and we can now check that off the project list 🙂

There you have it folks! Our quick and simple project that makes such a big difference.  The bookcase now feels warm and makes bold statement in the room! What do you think? Will you try this in  your home? Do you have any questions, thoughts, ideas? Have you done something similar? Share below!

Taking one project at a time,


12 responses to “Posh Project: Bookcase Makeover!

    • Thanks Shakirah!! Congrats on the new place!! Please share your before and afters with us! Hope this post gave you some ideas : )

  1. I love it!!! Creative & gorgeous!!! We still have to finish our house conversation lol… We paused at “Temple Hills, the hood” LOL ?!?!?

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