Spring Renewal ***GIVEAWAY*** CLOSED

Springtime…a time for growth, a time to refresh, a time of renewal. 

As mommies, we all have those moments where we don’t feel like ourselves anymore. Maybe your world has just been spinning out of control; major deadlines at work, children are sick, dapper daddy isn’t acting right. This may cause you to be stuck in a rutt, put everyone before yourself,  going through the day-to-day motions and just can’t seem to pull yourself together. Well guess what? Spring has finally sprung!!! Take advantage of the warm weather! Get outside, soak up the sun, smell the newly-bloomed flowers and feel the breeze!

We here at Posh Mumsy would like to help one special Mom jump-start her spring renewal with a Posh Box!

Spring Renewal Posh Box

The “Spring Renewal” Posh Box includes lots of awesome goodies!

Spring Renewal Posh Box

To enter the giveaway, in our comments section tell us what aspects of your life you hope to gain a sense of renewal in of this season. Be sure to include your email address so we can notify you if you are the lucky winner.

The winner will be chosen using random.org at 12 pm on Thursday April 11th, 2013 and your prize will be mailed to you soon after. We will also request a photo of you and your Poshette or Prince to feature on the site 🙂

***The giveaway has ended***

Spring Renewal Posh Box Items

Happy Spring!

Love and Hugs,

The Posh Mumsies

17 responses to “Spring Renewal ***GIVEAWAY*** CLOSED

  1. Spring is the season of rebirth! Its the most exciting time of the year for me. The longer days and increased sunlight always does wonders for my mood and energy level. This Spring I am concentrating on my emotional health and well-being. I am a wife, mommy of 3 and a therapist but often neglect my own emotional/spiritual health (whats new, right lol).
    This year I have vowed to practice meditation twice per day, once in the early morning and once before dinner. This schedule change will be an incredible feat but I am up for the challenge! I know by feeding my spiritual self, I will be a better mommy to my 3 little ones. Wish me luck! Happy Spring 🙂

  2. Where do I began!! This spring I’ve done more
    Than just spring clean my house .. I’m spring cleaning my mind , body and soul! I’m trying to let it be known that as a single mom of 3 kids it’s still ok to walk around and be fabulous or even if you don’t feel it … I never want to walk around looking like what I been thru! This renewal kit will help me relax and release! And continue being the Posh mum that I am!!!

  3. Great giveaway ladies! Yes, spring is such a perfect time for renewal. So this season I plan to make sure to carve out some “me time” for relaxation, rejuvenation and things I enjoy but don’t get to do often enough as a busy, working mom and wife.

  4. Hello!
    I’d love to renew my fridge, while I eat loads of fruits and vegetables, I find myself buying the same fruit and vege every week: I want to mix it up and experiment a little more! Have some fun with my fridge!
    Fashionforlunch @ hotmail.com

  5. I’m striving to get a renewed sense of inner peace and personality!! As a wife, mother to a 5 month old and a full time step mother to a five year old, I find myself constantly giving! In order to have balance and make sure everyone else’s needs are being met, I must start giving myself a little love and take a deep breath in the midst of the craziness of my day!!!

  6. Living in a tropical country, I do not have the luxury to enjoy four seasons. I was lucky enough to experience spring when I went to Japan though. It is my second favorite season and it is true, it’s rebirth. I am to leave my company of two years to pursue career development elsewhere. It is my first job after graduation and I am hoping that the second job in other company will do me good. It will feel like being in a clean slate again. New company, new work, new colleagues, etc.

  7. This Spring I have finally started doing things for myself. Since becoming a wife and mother, I often put my own needs aside to ensure my three guys have everything that they need. I recently started down a new career path to work with a population I am very passionate about. I have finally decided to take this challenge head on this spring. It will require taking some extra courses, but I know that my life will be so much more fulfilled by helping premature babies. It will be challenging to juggle being a sister, friend, wife, mother, student, and pre-k children’s ministry teacher….but I know that God is in control and therefore, I am NOT worried or scared to step into this new venture.
    So funny too….this evening I taught my children at church that spring is the season for new beginnings…..

  8. During the winter season, I did absolutely nothing, due to being in the first trimester of my pregnancy. Being sick with a major side order of fatigue made me a true couch potato. I am hoping that spring time will put some spring in my step and give me a fresh breathe of energy.

  9. Wow, I would love to win! My hopes for this spring are high! My house is undergoing renovations and should be done shortly – spring cleaning as its finest! I have also started a third new job-like venture and I am hoping this spring it really takes off! Summer is my goal for my personal fitness venture and I hope I meet those goals this spring! 🙂

  10. Spring is a time for a bright and fresh new start. I am a mommy to an almost four month old so I spent the entire winter inside with a brand new baby. Not much activity for myself at all minus a few hair appts and pedicures. Now that spring is here, I’m hoping to have a little more time to shop for myself and look nice. I’m pretty young but I’m so caught up into being a mommy and taking care of my boyfriend, as well as our house and I’m neglected. I don’t mind putting everyone first because this hasn’t been going on too long, only about four months but I still want to make sure I start a habit of making a little time for me. I totally love being a mommy and putting the needs of my baby first but I also LOVE getting pretty and feeling fabulous. I feel like I lost my style a bit and I’m trying to find my new look. If you look pretty, you feel amazing and every girl knows that. I love everything in the giveaway, pretty box and I know it’ll contribute beautifully to my brand new beginning. 🙂 happy spring…I LOVEEEE spring!!

  11. I entered once and it somehow got deleted. I can’t remember all that I wrote and it was a bit much. Basically I’m a new mom to an almost four month old and I’ve been stuck in the house caring for him all winter. Now that spring is here, my favorite season I might add, I simply want to feel pretty again. I feel like I totally lost my style, I don’t have clothes and I don’t like much that I see when I go to stores. I love being fabulous and dressing nice so I want to do that again. Spring for me is a fresh, new start and I know this pretty goody box would be the perfect way to get md started. Happy spring. I love spring. 🙂

  12. *Crossing my fingers as I say, “I HOPE I WIN THIS, I HOPE I WIN THIS…..” This spring I hope to continue making better choices with my food! You know less snacks,fried foods, red meat and pork, and more of the living foods like fruits and veggies. I also want to continue going hard at the gym! Especially with this Zumba class that I love! Since I have been eating better and working out, I have more energy 🙂 Which definitely makes me a better Mom to my Princess Leila.

  13. Spring time is the best time to renew and begin to bloom for the year. After having my second daughter in December it has been nothing but stress and storms. My girls are great and were the only things that brought me through these trials and tribulations. I return to work just to find out that I will be losing my job because the government funding is tight. Not the best feeling to have when you have kids (a new baby) and a family. With this being said the normal treats that I’m used to getting for myself like pedicures, manicures, bi-weekly salon visits have come to a halt because those things aren’t priorities. This wonderful box will be a blessing to me I can think of the last time I was able to buy make-up or have a spa day. The aspects I would love to gain is family and life is precious. I want my family and myself to be more health conscious so instead of spending money at the mall we take daily walks in the neighborhood or to the park. This really allows bonding time and teaches my girls that fun doesn’t cost a thing. We no longer eat out so were eating much more veggies and fruits. I have begun to feel the difference from changing our diets and I’m excited to see the total outcome.

  14. Spring where have you been all of my life…well, all of my winter? 🙂 I am a summer baby, love warm weather, sunshine and the beautiful colors that spring brings. I am choosing to renew every aspect of my life starting with my thinking. I want to blossom spiritually, physically, professionally, as a woman, as a mother and as a wife. And I am so excited because it’s happening day by day! Small bites 🙂

  15. I am so glad Spring is here and it’s time for me to experience a revelation. I have been in a whirlwind of things in regards to work, being a good parent and trying to manage a relationship with my daughter’s father. I have let too many outside things consume me and it’s time to do some spring cleaning and get rid of all the negative things holding me back. I appreciate this website and the community of women who are single parents or are in a grounded relationship and aspire to continue to be great parents. I am focused on getting my life in perspective and making sure my poshette has everything she needs no matter what the circumstance. This is my spring renewal. thank you Poshmumsy!!!

  16. Hello Spring,
    Being a Wife, Posh Mumsie of two, full time student and Minister; I rarely find time for myself. I’m learning that it’s okay to be a little selfish with my time and it doesn’t hurt to say NO sometimes. writting my schedule and penciling in some down time. If my down time is a bubble bath I’m find with that as long as the kids are not in there with me.

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