Posh Projects: Bye Bye Bushes!

Like I mentioned in my Meet the Mumsies post, a year ago (tomorrow), Dapper Daddy Julian, Zoë and I moved into our first home. When we were on our hunt, we fell in love with this house. It has a brick front, hardwood floors all throughout, garage, and a HUGE backyard–most of the items that were on our wishlist. However, there were some things about the house we knew we wanted to update/change.

As I stated, our home is a 1970’s raised ranch that we are tackling one project at a time. We agreed we would take on one major project yearly and minor projects seasonally. Last year, we completed our kitchen renovation (post coming soon). This year we said we decided to take on our home’s “curb appeal.” This included landscaping, painting the siding, new lighting, house numbers, mailbox, and other accessories. Just yesterday, we were able to check off a big TO DO: removal of the huge bushes in our front yard. Here they are: (click the photos to enlarge)

Look at those things!!! So glad to have them gone! We had them removed, then had a barrier made, replaced them with smaller, much more manageable bushes and placed down some mulch. One of these days I will add some flowers, but here is the after: (click the photos to enlarge)

Small change..HUGE difference! You know it looks good when your neighbors are now out doing lawn work LOL

Are you all taking on any “curb appeal” projects? Share below! I would love to hear about it!

Taking on one project at a time,


15 responses to “Posh Projects: Bye Bye Bushes!

  1. Looks great! Love the small bushes and fresh mulch. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year already since we were last housemates! LOL, you are doing a FANTASTIC job at turning this house into what you WANT IT TO BE! Keep it up.. Sis.

    • Thanks sis! I love pulling up to the house now with that simple change! Feel free to come help me plant flowers lol!! Thanks! I actually love the project part of it all and making the house a home : )

  2. I did an amazing job on your curb appeal, if I must say so myself. It’s my best job to date. Please reference me for my hard work next time. Thanks! 🙂 lol great post love it

  3. Very nice it opens up the front of your home a lot more. I love home projects. Me and HGTV are besties!! LOL! I can’t wait for homeownership, Its been such a process for me. I have a thousand ideas for a home I haven’t seen yet, HAHA!

    • Thanks Lateasa! I agree! it feels way more inviting instead of those huge bushes creating a barrier. Girl, that’s all I watch! Re-runs and all LOLOL goodluck with the process! Stick it out..it will be worth it 🙂

  4. I agree with Lateasa! Great way to open up the front of your home and give it a nice clean modern feel…interested in seeing the finishing touches! When Travis & I become homeowners its gonna be HGTV on 100! lol

    • Thanks Melissa!! I will keep you all posted on the process step-by-step : ) LOL!!! I bet!
      Are you and Travis in the homebuying process?

      • We’re hoping to be by this Fall, so hopefully sooner than later b/c I to many ideas for this “future” home lol

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