Fashion Friday: Chloe Yves!!

Today’s fashion Friday submission is of one of the most stylish Poshette’s I know! See today’s post for more about this funky Poshette Chloe!

Name: Chloe Yves 

 Age: 4 years old

From: Washington, D.C.



(Click photo to enlarge)

Where Posh Mumsy Chela shops for Chloe: We love GapKids because their clothes are made with quality, kid friendly fabrics. I always love their color palettes too. Zara is our go to place for one-of-a-kind pieces with a European feel. I like to see Chloe Yves in navy and tan which aren’t traditional colors for children’s clothing in the US. We go to Zara when we are running away from all of the pink and purples.Nordstrom for shoes that are fly and built to last. I also love that the flexible return policy in the event that the shoe is uncomfortable for Chloe Yves. Target for accessories! I recently purchased spiked headbands, neon lace footless tights and a scarf that I adore.


Posh Mumsy Chela

(Click photo to enlarge)

Where Posh Mumsy Chela shops for herself: I have always been a eccentric when it comes to my style. I like quirky accessories and statement pieces. I can always find those things at Urban Outfitters…I’ve been shopping there since I was a teen and it hasn’t failed me yet!  love he UK explosion that is Topshop! I like Topshop because of the Edgy pieces that they carry. Also, their fashion shows always get me excited and ready to mix prints. My BFF introduced me to United Nude recently and I’m obsessed. I think my style lives somewhere in the future and their shoes and accessories reflect that. I can get my Judy Jetson on thanks to United Nude! I believe that mothers should fight to maintain and develop their style post baby. Being stylish is a confidence booster and a true way to express ones self!


Matching isn’t always necessary to bring an outfit together!

What a fashionista right? Also, Posh Mumsy Chela is a wardrobe stylist/personal shopper after 5 with her business, Glamour Commander Consulting ( This week, they announced the “OMG?! You Have a Personal Stylist?! “Prom Makeover contest! The contest will provide a total makeover to one lucky high school teen, attending the prom this year. I think this is an awesome contest that is giving back to the community. You all can visit for updates and details about the contest.

Want you and your Poshette/Dapper Dude to be featured? Email us with the original Fashion Friday outline found here and photos to!

***Not a Posh Mumsy or Dapper Dad? Well with the consent of the child’s parent, you may email a submission of yourself and a Dapper Dude or Poshette! ***

Fashion Friday is a day where we at Posh Mumsy will feature an ultra stylish family on a weekly basis. We will highlight you and your Poshette or Dapper Dude looking your very best, sporting a fly outfit from head to toe! While we would ideally love to have entries with mom and/or dad along with kids, it is perfectly fine if you opt out and only want to feature your Poshette(s)/Dapper Dude(s). Keep the submissions coming.

Hugs, love and fashionistas,


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