Fashion Friday: Dapper Dude Rasean & Posh Mumsy Jazzmyn

See today’s post for one fly mommy and son duo!

Name(s): Jazzmyn & Rasean

Age(s): 26 & 5 years old

Where you all are from: Virginia (currently reside in Maryland)


What you are wearing: Floral print ankle pants and mint sweater (both from target) along with Michael Kors flats.

Where you like to shop for yourself and why: For everyday casual/dress down wear, I love shopping at H&M & Target. For semi-formal/formal events, I love Ralph Lauren,, Zara & Nordstrom.


What your child/children are wearing: Plaid Multi Color Button Up, Red Chinos, and navy blue canvas shoes (all from target)

Where you like to shop for your child and why: I shop for Rasean at many different places! For everyday school, playground wear, I stick to H&M, Target and Children’s Place (he’ll ruin a pair of jeans being a normal little boy within 24 hours; so these places are cheap and affordable J ) For a special event, I’ll shop at Ralph Lauren and Nordstrom. I never like to spend too much money on his clothes because he’s at the age when he GROWS SO FAST, so he never gets the chance to wear something for more than 2 months!

What an awesome Mommy and son duo! And we are loving Resean’s mohawk : )

Want you and your Poshette/Dapper Dude to be featured? Email us with the original Fashion Friday outline found here and photos to!

***Not a Posh Mumsy or Dapper Dad? Well with the consent of the child’s parent, you may email a submission of yourself and a Dapper Dude or Poshette! ***

Fashion Friday is a day where we at Posh Mumsy will feature an ultra stylish family on a weekly basis. We will highlight you and your Poshette or Dapper Dude looking your very best, sporting a fly outfit from head to toe! While we would ideally love to have entries with mom and/or dad along with kids, it is perfectly fine if you opt out and only want to feature your Poshette(s)/Dapper Dude(s). Keep the submissions coming.

Oh! J. Crew is having a SALE!! 50% off of EVERYTHING! GO check them out 🙂

Hugs, love and Dapper Dudes,


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