Maternity Monday: Belly to Baby Sessions

Leopard and Pearls

First-Time parents feel the need to save every little thing regarding their first child. I am no different. During my first pregnancy Dapper Daddy Mel and I would take a picture of my belly every week to see just how much I grew.  Looking back, the growth I experienced seems so unreal! I wouldn’t believe it myself if I didn’t have the stretch marks  photos to prove it. I have Aria’s umbilical cord wrapped in tissue, carefully placed in a plastic baggie with the date, time, and place it fell off (Yea, hasn’t quite made it’s way into a baby book yet). I even went as far as keeping the sugar solution bottle from my Glucose Test. :/ I know, I know. Borderline “hoard-ish” behavior. With that being said, having professional Maternity and Newborn pictures taken was a must.

For the maternity shoot, timing was everything. My belly had to be round enough but I had to make sure I took them before the rest of my body and face ballooned.  Finding a photographer was a no-brainer. Kacey did a maternity photoshoot while she was pregnant with Zoë and the pictures were GORGEOUS! I told myself, “When I’m pregnant I am definitely using this photographer!” Who would have thought I’d be scheduling an appointment for Daddy Mel and myself less than a year later? I sure didn’t. Our maternity photos were taken during my 30th week of pregnancy.


Eunique Jones Photography is nothing short of amazing. We were able to schedule a Belly to Baby Session which is a package that includes a Maternity session and a Newborn session scheduled to take place at our house before the baby is 10 days old. How perfect is that?!

When we took our maternity pictures, needless to say, I was stunned at the outcome. O-M-G.

Belly Paint

All Black

First off, I felt like a ”hot, pregnant lady”. If you’ve been pregnant before, you know how big of an accomplishment it is to feel hot– the good kind of hot, not hot-flash hot. I just said ‘hot’ way too many times. Anywho… Dapper Daddy Mel and I were pleased. So pleased that we used one of our maternity pics as a babyshower invite.

Babyshower Invite

I was super excited to display the pictures around the babyshower for everyone to see.

Babyshower Table

We brought Aria home on April 7th, her first Doctor’s appointment was April 9th, and her first professional photoshoot was April 10th. She was one busy newborn baby :)

In Aria’s early days, her favorite time to be awake was 3:00am – 5:30am, religiously. Aria’s newborn shoot was at our house at 7:00am. With that said, Mel and I were walking zombies. The star of the show was sound asleep. All the better because we received this priceless photo as a result.

Aria Flower Pot

In case you cannot tell, I have a black and white stripe fetish. I adore stripes! That’s beside the point though…Is this not the most make-your-heart-melt, cutest picture ever?!

Aria Swaddled in Leopard

‘They’ say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Truth. I now have memories such as these to cherish forever. When I look at these pictures, the days playback in my mind like a movie. I remember how I felt that day, the look on Mel’s face as he cradled Aria and she smiled, how she looked so peaceful in that flower pot. If you ever find that you have forgotten something, look at a picture and you are instantly reminded. A picture is not just for sight; it can evoke emotion, tastes, smells, and sounds all from memory. Amazing eh?

Hugs, Kisses, and Poses for the Camera,


2 responses to “Maternity Monday: Belly to Baby Sessions

  1. Beautiful pictures ! I love her photography work . I joke with Kacey all the time saying how much I can’t wait to do maternity photos with her ! Then Kacey responds by saying that won’t be anytime soon !! Haha !!

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