Dapper Daddy on Call: Mumsy’s Sick!

Hello world! How’ve you all been? So last week, I was under the weather…like completely under the weather.

It started with a sore throat, then “flu-like” symptoms, to red and swollen tonsils. Yeah, I was SICK!  Lo and behold, I was diagnosed with Strep Throat! How do you even catch that? I swear, working with kids you never know what you may end up with. For a whole two days I was highly contagious and extremely ill. Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, couldn’t’ work, just couldn’t. So, of course, I “couldn’t” anything with or for Zoë. Any other sickness, I usually push through and continue to go to work, cook, clean, and chase after Zoë. This time, not so much.

No worries  though, because Dapper Daddy Julian was there to make up for what I wasn’t able to do!  He cooked (McDonald’s counts, right?),  threw everything in piles cleaned, ran around with Zoë (literally), and catered to my every want and need. To makes things even better, he gave me a whole day to myself to rest. He took Zoë outside to ride her scooter, then to lunch, and a 3-D movie! By the time they returned home, she was out like a light! I can’t deny, while I needed that rest, I missed them! The house was soooo quiet! I kept texting Julian asking them what they were doing and requesting play by play pictures of their day. The next day, I expressed to him how grateful I was for him allowing me to rest up and heal from the Strep Throat. And in true Julian form, he shared that he will remind me of this if he ever gets sick LOL!

I can now say that I am doing so much better and everything is pretty much back to normal! While I know us moms are strong, we must allow ourselves to rest and listen to our bodies. If you have help, take it! Stop trying to do it all! That’s what dad’s, aunties, grandparents, god parents, and friends are for!!

Sick Mom

Have you ever been “just couldn’t” type of  sick?  Who was there to help you out? How did you manage?

Toddlers and Tissues,


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