Weekend Happenings: The Catalyst Luncheon

As I stated in the previous post, the Posh Mumsies had one heck of a weekend! Event #2 was our friend and sorority sister, Jessica Jackson’s, “Being the Catalyst” luncheon.  It was held at Harry Browne’s in the beautiful downtown Annapolis. We were served a three-course meal and enjoyed two hours of networking and mentoring. The purpose behind this event was to gather women from all walks of life together to share personal stories and goals in hopes that maybe your story and journey would be the the missing link to their life’s puzzle and vice versa. It was such a lovely event and I personally took away some things to apply to my life. I also met some gorgeous and inspirational ladies!

Congratulations Jessica on a successful event! I hope you make this an annual event (pretty please)! Check her out on instagram @futuredrj for her inspirational quotes and updates!

I also have to mention that myself and a couple of friends who also attended the luncheon, headed down a few blocks over to check out Here. a Pop Up Shop. I’ve been following this shop on instagram for months and I told myself that I would make it there one day. So of course, being a few blocks away, I had to take advantage of that!

Here. a Pop Up Shop is a storefront in downtown Annapolis, Maryland where local crafts, art, home decor and jewelry made by local designers are sold! The catch is, they lease out vacant spaces throughout downtown Annapolis for weeks at a time, hints the posh up shop termonology. We had such a great time and we look forward to coming back when they “pop up” in their new location! We had so much fun that I forgot to take pictures of the merchandise (shame on me). You all will have to check it out for yourselves : ) You can track their location through their instagram account @hereapopupshop.

Hugs, Love and Weekend Happenings,


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