Posh Projects: Framed Key

This past weekend, Posh Mumsy Ericka and Dapper Daddy Jamel…wait, wait, wait, the newly ENGAGED couple Ericka and Jamel (just got goosebumps) hosted their very first housewarming! I personally know how long and hard of a journey it was for them to get their dream home so I wanted to gift them with something that could serve as a keep sake. Any homeowner knows that the dream is realized when the key to your house is placed in your hands. Often times, people take pictures of and/or with the key. From that, I came up with the idea to frame a key to symbolize their ownership of the house. I searched hard and found a perfect cobalt blue frame from T. J. Maxx! I knew this would be perfect because weeks prior, Ericka shared with me that they painted an accent wall in the family room cobalt blue! I then pondered on how to display the key…should I paint it…what will go in the background? Dapper Daddy Julian and his artistic vision helped to execute the project. We decided to print out a google map of their house in black/gray scale. I then found a random key around the house. You know, the one that has been sitting in that drawer and  no one seems to know what it belongs to? When we put the silver key in the frame but it just didn’t pop out enough so Julian decided that we should paint it to match the frame. I first primed the key and then added two layers of cobalt blue paint!






Here is the finished product….



This gift was a success! Ericka sent me a text thanking myself and Julian for the gift. We also gave them a gift card to Home Depot. Any home owner could surely use that! She also sent me a picture of the framed key perfectly placed on the foyer table! It was funny because that’s exactly where I pictured it going, I just didn’t want to mention it! LOL


This key symbolizes so much more than closing on their house. It symbolizes, love, faith in God’s timing, growth, resilience and determination. They will be reminded of this every time they enter and exit their home. Congrats again to Ericka and Jamel on your new home AND engagement! May the wedding planning begin! LOL

A key framed with love,


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