Fashion Friday: Poshette Dylila

Today’s Fashion Friday features a poshette who wears custom clothing and accessories by her mom Gipsy. Check them out inside!

My name: Gipsy/ age: 30
Baby’s name: Dylila/ age: 3

From: Miami, FL

Where I shop for my Poshette: I like to shop for Dylila at Old Navy, Baby Gap, etc… But I mostly like to customize her outfits. I love seeing my creations on her 🙂

Dylila is wearing a white sundress with Michael Kors sandals. Headband made by mommy 🙂


I’m wearing a black studded button down with jean shorts that have leopard accent. Also wearing custom converse designed by me. 🙂 Dylila is wearing a custom jean shirt and custom shoes with jewels and her initials designed by me as well. 🙂


Dylila is wearing turquoise shorts, a black plain shirt and a jean jacket. Along with black glitter toms and a leopard head band made by me 🙂

How stylish is this little lady? Great job on the designs mom! You should totally sell your designs!

Want you and your Poshette/Dapper Dude to be featured? Email us with the original Fashion Friday outline found here and photos to!

***Not a Posh Mumsy or Dapper Dad? Well with the consent of the child’s parent, you may email a submission of yourself and a Dapper Dude or Poshette! ***

Fashion Friday is a day where we at Posh Mumsy will feature an ultra stylish family on a weekly basis. We will highlight you and your Poshette or Dapper Dude looking your very best, sporting a fly outfit from head to toe! While we would ideally love to have entries with mom and/or dad along with kids, it is perfectly fine if you opt out and only want to feature your Poshette(s)/Dapper Dude(s). Keep the submissions coming!

Hugs, love and fashion fridays,


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