Maternity Moments: I’m pregnant, now what?!

Ok moms-to-be…after fighting the nausea/vomiting, tender breasts, cravings, fatigue and frequent bathroom trips, comes that thought that maybe… just maybe you are, in fact, pregnant. There will be that moment after taking the sixth pregnancy test to solidify that you are indeed pregnant, that leaves you asking yourself, “what now?!”  Being a first-time mom, you will find yourself riding an emotional rollercoaster trying to wrap your head around what’s to come, to include, but certainly not limited to: Excited, Scared, Curious, Anticipation or all of the above!

Here is a little help that may help you with your new journey to motherhood:

1. Back away from the bad stuff: Ladies, game over, time to make some changes. No alcohol, cigarettes, and limit your caffeine and seafood intake. Also, remember to eat a balanced diet (to include late night cravings)!

2.Figure out your health insurance: Figure out what it covers and if you do not have coverage, look into where to get help.

3.Choose your caregiver: Be it an obstetrician, midwife, or doula, call around, interview them and schedule your first prenatal appointment. At this appointment you will find out baby’s due date, choose your prenatal vitamins, experience the sound of your baby’s heart beat, and maybe even lay eyes on your baby through a sonogram! 

4. Read away! Buy/borrow pregnancy books and/or subscribe to an email list to track your pregnancy and development of your baby! I myself, loved receiving weekly emails from

5. Figure out when and how you would like to share the news. Usually people wait until the 2nd trimester when the chance of miscarriage is lower. Me? I waited until I found out the sex of my baby..something like a two-for-one deal lol.

6.Enjoy the ride! Watch your belly grow.. journal your experiences.. write love letters to your baby..indulge in those cravings.. and rest, rest, REST!

Here is a (fun) infographic of some pregnancy symptoms you may experience:


Congratulations and welcome to motherhood! We wish you all a safe and enjoyable pregnancy!


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