Maternity Week: Pregnancy Preparedness


Who knew that the activities in your former life would prepare you for pregnancy?

We’ve all had those nights of partying that leave you slumped over a toilet bowl, plastic bag, or trash can, if you’re an “emotional drunk,” endless sobbing and professing at the end of the night, and waking up the next morning praying to the heavens to take away your pounding headache. That just about sums up pregnancy for you — except its a little more frequent and it isn’t preceded by tons of fun (Well, there was that one night).

ONE of the hardest parts of pregnancy to deal with is the nausea. If you’ve had a hangover from an amazingly drunken night, you can imagine what Morning Sickness feels like. The term “Morning Sickness” can be very misleading. I know for me, it was morning, noon, and night sickness. I was nauseous all day everyday for the first 10-13 weeks of BOTH of my pregnancies. Although I never actually threw up, sometimes I wish I could’ve in hopes that the feeling itself would go away. How do you handle the nausea? The same way you nurse your hangover!

1. Drink a cup of Real Ginger Ale (it works best if its made with REAL ginger), Ice Cold Water, or Tart lemonade.

2. Eat small meals and snacks throughout the day.

3. Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth after eating. The lingering taste of foods can definitely trigger nausea.

4. Eat peppermints, ginger candy (or crystallized ginger), or try Preggie Pops.

For that pesky back pain you are experiencing, try a Boppy Snoogle Pillow. I can tell you that this pillow is a dream!

Make sure the soon-to-be Dapper Daddy can get in on the fun too! They become your personal delivery boys when it comes to the cravings–oh and cravings there will be! He may say ‘no’ the first time around because it will probably happen at some crazy hour of the day when you NEED that apple pie and buffalo wings. And when he says no, he will meet the dark side of pregnancy, it won’t be pretty, and he’ll never say no again :).

The first trimester of pregnancy is the hardest; your body is going through a huge adjustment to prepare to carry a new life. Luckily, for most women, the second trimester is a breeze. Your hair is growing, you get “the glow,’ your energy is back…you just feel human again. Third trimester is another story, another post lol. Just know that the end result is a beautiful, bouncing baby and you forget almost everything you went through to get them here.

Love, hugs, and Nausea remedies,


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