Maternity Week: “What’s in a Name?”

So I was speaking with a close friend the other day about names and what she would like to name her unborn child. She asked me how I came up with Zoë’s name and what drew us to naming our daughter that. I told her the honest truth…we thought it was cute!  No deep meaning or explanation. Julian liked the name Chloe and I wasn’t feeling it, but I did liked Zoe. He confirmed it, added the diacritic (two dots) above the ‘e’, and whaaa-laaa, we had a name!  However, we would later find out that Zoe is mentioned throughout the Bible with a translation meaning “ Eternal Life” and that to me was SUPER cool. I will delve deeper into why in a later post. This conversation made me think… what factors did you all take into account when you were thinking of names for your children? Any deep meaning? Did you use a name generator? Did you use the “Top 100 names of (insert year)” list? Did you always know what you wanted to name your child?


For all of our Posh & Pregnant moms, here is a list of’s top baby names of 2012:

Top Baby Names of 2012:


1.     Jacob

2.     Mason

3.     Ethan

4.     Noah

5.     William


1.     Sophia

2.     Emma

3.     Isabella

4.     Olivia

5.     Ava

See any you like? It seems like we are getting back to the more classic names that will stand the test of time!

Leave a comment below! Share your child’s name and why you chose to name your child that : )

Hugs and Cookie Kisses!


12 responses to “Maternity Week: “What’s in a Name?”

  1. We’ve finally settled for a name, and while I wish there was more meaning behind why we chose the name, it was simply because we just love it! Looking forward to reading more and feel free to enter my give away 🙂

    • Hey, that’s what we went for initially! Her name sounded cute LOL Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy! ANd I will make sure to enter: )

  2. My daughter is named Zoie as well. I chose the name because I loved that it meant life. She was my first child and I knew everything i knew to be my life would change the minute I gave birth to her. Ultimately she became my life…. Plus it’s cute! My son is named Grey. I chose that name because it was unique but not ghetto and he would be able to get a job without being discriminated against. I found that picking a name for my son was much more of a challenge than finding a name for my daughter.

  3. We first use a name book to start us off. Then we wrote out possible combinations to see what had a “ring” to it. We ultimately made the choice because we both have religious names. Unbeknownst to us Noah was a top name anyway for that year.

  4. I wanted to give his something unique and the fact that I love island life. I’ve always wanted to vacation in St. Croix……..there go his name Croix. And how cool is it to have the letter “X” in your name anyway!! Pretty darn awesome if you ask me. – The End – Lol.

  5. I do not have children but I have always thought it was really cool how everyone in my family has at least one name (first or middle) that is derived from an older family members. I also thought that it was really cute when my cousin was able to name her last son using her maiden name, her mom’s maiden name, and her husband’s last name which gives us the name Rucker King Jamison. I have been with her on many occasions and people always compliment her on the name and the concept of using all last names.

  6. My daughter is named Dynasty. It means a sequence of rulers. I was about 5 months pregnant… and at my cousin’s high school graduation, they called a girl whose name was Dynasty. I fell in love with the name. Come to find out later, the Dynasty who I got the name from was also a Scorpio and born in November , just like my Dynasty. Dynasty fits her name to a T.

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