Maternity Week: My Maternity Pictures

In  honor of “Throwback Thursday,” I have decided to share with you all a few of my favorite pictures from our maternity session. It’s funny because the last thing on my mind (at the time) was taking maternity photos. My cousin Eunique called me up and asked if we were taking any. I explained to her that I wasn’t set on capturing my huge belly, chubby cheeks and  spreading nose but some how (in true Eunique fashion), she convinced me to take the photos. This was her first shoot and it all went down in the living room of her apartment! We were blown away at how great they turned out! From there, Eunique has since blown up to be a “big time” photographer, allowing this to be her full-time job! You can check out her work here on her website. Here are some of our favorite pictures:







I’m so glad we took these photos! Turned our great, right? Except for the first photo–in all of the others, you couldn’t even tell that Julian’s left arm was in a cast! (that’s another story) These photos hold a memorable place in our heart. We can reflect on that time in our lives where our baby girl was developing in mommy’s belly! This was a time where we were nervous about what kind of parents we would be. Also, it was a time where we anxiously waited for her arrival! I recommend that all expecting moms document their pregnancy in photos! Nothing like capturing that precious moment in time 🙂

Ericka also took maternity pictures with Eunique and you can read her post here.

Love, hugs and baby bumps,


2 responses to “Maternity Week: My Maternity Pictures

  1. These photos look great! You look adorable. I agree, Moms should definitely document their pregnancies either in photos or videos. I took maternity photos as well showcasing my big ole belly! 🙂

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