Fashion Friday: Maternity Wear

In honor of Maternity Week, today’s Fashion Friday post is highlighting what else? Maternity Wear!

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to make a bee-line for Motherhood or Pea in a Pod when you enter the mall. You can still shop in your favorite regular retail stores, you just have to know what to look for.

Maternity Wear Essentials:

1. Leggings: You want something that can work with you as your belly grows. And you don’t have to stick with basic black– print leggings are also acceptable as well. I wouldn’t go with Fire Engine Red or Zebra Print (for obvious reasons), but still spice it up a little. Here’s some inspiration from Beyoncé (sans the leather jacket–too hot for that, lol).

Beyonce Maternity StyleHer Blue Leggings against the basic black really provide a pop of color without screaming, “Look at Me! I’m pregnant ya’ll” Subtly Sexy, Mommy Chic. Check out these maternity Asos Leggings.

2. Maxi Dresses: Posh & Pregnant Summer Mommies….It’s gonna be a hot one! Stay Cool My Friends. Maxi Dresses are breezy, easy, simple to accessorize. Maxi dresses are my pregnancy staple. Old Navy is having a great memorial day sale (Women’s Maxi Dresses included).

3. Empire Waist Tops:  These tops accentuate your growing bosom and skim over the belly for a very flattering silhouette–A go-to for Halle Berry.

Halle Empire Waist

4. Comfortable shoes: Whether its sandals, flip flops, combat boots, flats, or loafers…please be comfortable. I know we still want to be sexy and dress like we aren’t pregnant..but me,I know my truth, and I know that heels and pregnancy don’t mix for me. More power to those who can do it but I am already naturally clumsy… couple that with the off-balance equilibrium provided by pregnancy, and that’s a recipe for disaster. And PLEASE do not get caught with the Kim K. Feet. We swell–accept it, embrace it.

Kim Kardashian's Swollen Feet

What are some of your staple pieces for pregnancy style?

Love, Hugs, and Baby Bump Flattery,


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