Posh Events: Baby shower planning

Welp! Time is winding down and it’s about that time to start planning your baby shower! What do you do? Where do you start? Here are 9 simple steps to follow when planning for the big day:

1. Create a guest list – This will help you with sending out invitations and get a feel for the amount of people to expect at the shower. Also, be sure to decide whether or not you want to include men and children.

2. Pick a venue- If you’re expecting more than 30 people, you may want to look into a venue other than your home. Consider places that provide tables, chairs and maybe even table linens. Save money and the hassle!

3. Create a registry- make a list of needs and wants and go from there! It’s so easy as first time moms to want everything in the store but make sure to cover the needs first. And while we all want the best of the best, please be mindful of what your guests will be spending on the items.

4. Send out invitations- Try and mail them out a month or two before the event depending on whether or not you have a lot of out-of-town visitors. Also, don’t forget to send an invitation to that friend or family member that may live in another state. Just because they may not be able to attend does not mean they don’t want to share in your joy and send something : )

5. Decide on a theme- Set a budget and stay within it as much as possible! You don’t want to spend more on your shower than you would on getting all the baby’s needs yourself!  Look to the internet for inspiration and DIY your decor rather than spending money on the standard “It’s a Girl/Boy!” decorations.

6. Decide on a menu- depending on what time of day your shower falls, this can be simple finger foods or an elaborate spread! Don’t forget a cake or cupcake!

7. Plan your games- Three games is enough. You want to save time for opening gifts, eating and wobbling walking around the room to fellowship and let everyone rub that growing belly.

8.  Get/Make favors- The favors should be an extension of the theme. For example, I gave out customized tea bags since my theme was the “Mad Hatter Tea Party” Have fun and even DIY these favors to cut costs!

9.  Develop a committee! Look, your friends are more than happy to help and even take over the shower planning. Create a small committee of friends (the hardworking ones) to get the job done and divide them into sub-committees ex. Food, invitations, games, favors, decorations etc. This will take the stress out of it all allowing you and Dapper Daddy-to-be to do nothing but enjoy the day!


Hope this helps!

Happy Planning,


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