Throwback Thursday: BabyshowerZilla

Yes, you read that title right and it described me to a ‘T.’


Ok, well maybe I wasn’t that extreme, but I had a vision for my our baby shower and I was going to bring it to life by any means necessary.

My baby shower team, comprised of my mom and sister, Mel’s mom and sister, my closest friends, and my line sisters, was the greatest team ever! They gave me everything I wanted and things I didn’t even know I wanted.

The day I found out the little jelly bean in my belly was a girl, I immediately started planning the baby shower. Quite often I found myself being asked, “Who plans a March baby shower in November?” Me. That’s Who.

I didn’t want some hokey “It’s a Girl!” theme with run-of-the-mill baby pink decorations, finger sandwiches, and chips. No… I wanted an elaborate production with a menu that satisfied all of my pregnant cravings.

Mel told me, “Babe, this baby shower is your thing. All I ask for is meatballs and to raffle off a Wii to start Aria’s college fund.” Who can argue with that??  I ♥ him.

My Theme – “Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice“

Colors: Black & White Stripes with Hot Pink and Teal Accents


My baby shower committee truly outdid themselves when they surprised me with these centerpieces: Dum-Dum Lollipop Balls housed in a black & white striped flowerpot!


The food was delicious. Everything was homemade by friends and family. Meatballs, chicken, potato salad, green beans, deviled eggs, piggies-in-the-blanket (one of my biggest cravings), pasta salad, tuna salad…I’m making myself hungry…we had it all. Because Mel and I were busy mixing and mingling with our guests, we hardly had time to enjoy all of the delicious food. Now that I think about it, we didn’t get any of the cake or cupcakes either. Bummer.


A gorgeous candy table adorned with black and white stripes, a cotton candy tree, and delectable sweets for our guests to take home was gifted to Mel and I by my line sisters from Lynne-Elaine.


Our guests also took home favors we purchased from Beau-Coup as a thank you for celebrating the birth of our first baby girl. Pink and Teal boxes with a rhinestone ‘A’ monogram. Inside of the boxes were scented baby block candles.


Needless to say, the baby shower was a complete success. A wonderful day full of laughs, great food, and even greater people. Fun times indeed. To everyone who made it possible I say, Thank You :)

Love, Hugs, and Babyshowers,


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