Maternity Week: Hospital Checklist

Your counting down the days until the time you are to give birth to your bundle of joy. The next step is to start packing your hospital bag. I know I rode around with my packed bag for weeks until the big day.

It is said that it’s best to pack your bag at least 4 weeks before your due date. No need to pack a suit case unless you plan on moving in to the hospital or birthing center (let’s pray not). A simple weekend bag is just enough for your two (maybe three) night stay. Click here for the FREE printable “Hospital Bag Checklist” we have provided all our Posh & Pregnant Mommies with!

 I’m a visual person so I decided to make up a picture collage of some of the basics you will need:  
These items can be found on the following sites:


Hope this comes in handy! I recall having preggo brain and not being able to remember everything. This checklist would have been a life saver!

Ready. Set. PACK!!!


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