Posh & Pregnant: Let’s play a game!

Let’s play a game of “Would You Rather…” Pregnancy Edition.
I saw this game over on Babyteems.com and  literally LOL’d after every question! I wanted to play myself and share it over here on Posh Mumsy. Here goes nothing…
1.) Would you rather be incredibly, horrendously, excruciatingly nausea for four months or feel perfectly fine but be confined to bed-rest for all nine months?
Nausea!! I can somehow work through that but being confined to a bed would be hell!
2.) Would you rather have psychotic mood swings but only gain 25 pounds, or be the most lovable preggo alive…but gain 55 pounds.
MMMMM.. I’ll take the psychotic mood swings! I’m still struggling with baby weight and Zoe is 3!!! (side eye)
3.) Would you rather have boobs the size of Texas but with a small milk supply, or have inverted nipples and a milk supply that could feed a football team?
Inverted nipples! They are meant for breastfeeding anyway! Sorry Dapper Dad, no fun for you!  
4.) Would you rather have heartburn or hemorrhoids…for nine months?
Heartburn please! It was already enough going on down there to add hemorrhoids!!
5.) Would you rather have nine months of insomnia and an infant who sleeps through the night, or nine months of great sleep and a colicky infant?
INSOMNIA!!! I would rather get rest with the baby that sleeps at night! Whew…those first few months drained me!!  (flashback)
6.) Would you rather have gigantic cankles and swollen feet for nine months or have your feet grow two shoe sizes during pregnancy?
Cankles. I already have them sooooo LOL!!!
7.) Would you rather get stretch marks that look like a grizzly bear attack or varicose veins that look like Google Maps during traffic hour?
HAHAHA!! Let me get those varicose veins! I get them treated one day but them stretch marks aren’t going anywhere!
8.) Would you rather have a delivery doctor who talks about you in the third person or a midwife who constantly tells you that you’re doing a beautiful thing?
Uh Midwife! I need to be treated like a queen during pregnancy! (dreaming)
9.) Would you rather your birth coach have rotten egg breath or a birth coach who is distracted by the World Series?
Rotten egg breath..I guess! I’ll do some mouth breathing LOL I need for everyone to pay attention and be alert at all times!
10.) Would you rather the on-call OB be your ex-boyfriend, or the anesthesiologist who gives you the epidural be your high school nemesis?
Anesthesiologist! Hopefully the nemesis would be over it by then! Like high school was sooooo long ago!
Funny right? I think it’s always necessary to indulge in humor through pregnancy/ motherhood. Never take things too seriously : )
Cookie Kisses or not,

8 responses to “Posh & Pregnant: Let’s play a game!

  1. Omg!!! Lol that was too cute & funny!!! The only one that rang all too true was the first one… And unfortunately, I didn’t get to pick either/or, I had both, almost 5 months of horrendous morning sickness(literally so bad I couldn’t walk without puking…ALL day… Psh they say “Morning”– what a joke!) AND then just a couple of weeks after I felt better I had a scare and they stuck me on strict bed rest almost all the remaining of my pregnancy, with maybe a couple of weeks total that I was allowed to do anything. Hell, pure hell.

    • HAHAHA!! Yeah, it took awhile for us to get back to “normal” with “those” things! LOL Thanks for sharing this game! It was fun!

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