Mumsy Moments: Anticipation

So, you’ve been pregnant for a while now.

You know how to look good doing it, you’ve had your baby shower, you’ve packed your hospital bag. Now what? By now, anticipation, feeling anxious, and nerves have probably taken over your life.

For me (when I was pregnant with Aria), after the baby shower, it seemed as though the rest of March inched its way along. My belly continually grew, but April 5th wasn’t getting any closer.


I had a few things to keep me busy: sorting through baby shower gifts, putting up her changing table and bassinet, and going out to various stores for more stuff. But of course, that wouldn’t last forever. At first, my Mom washed and folded Aria’s clothes. She was really excited about her first grandbaby and just couldn’t wait to smell the “baby-fresh scent” that Dreft leaves behind. Okay Mom lol. Well, my slight OCD tendencies kicked in, along with the nesting phase, and I unfolded and refolded all of the clothes. Eventually, I had all of her onesies, sleepers, and bibs color-coordinated and folded to my liking and my poor, swollen foot couldn’t take walking through another store.


I worked up until the weekend I went into labor. I didn’t want to use of any of my telework days or maternity leave if Aria had not yet arrived, that would be a waste! Every morning I rolled out of my bed, literally — it was too difficult to sit up anymore, hoping my Ari would decide to make her grand entrance into the world. Every evening I came home the same way I left, pregnant.

I was huge. Everywhere I went, people asked, “Are you sure you aren’t having twins?!” My go-to response, “*insert forced laugh* Yes, I’m sure. She just likes a lot of space.”


I was getting tired of the unwanted advice from strangers, too. “Don’t eat too much spicy food, you’re baby will come out bald,” someone said to me while I was out eating jalapeno cheese fries. Uhhh…okay.

I was just anxious. I constantly wondered what and who she would look like. Even though we had a 4D sonogram session, I wanted to see her in living color.


As badly as I wanted to Aria to come out and play, another part of me wasn’t so sure. The selfish part of me wanted to keep her all to myself. When she is born, she wouldn’t just be my little baby per se; I would have to share her with the world. I wasn’t ready for that. Every little kick, stretch, and hiccup were my personal experiences with her. Being able to watch my stomach move made me smile uncontrollably. Rubbing my belly gave me comfort and put my mind at ease. Beyond all of these things, I knew she was safe. She was with me at all times and I wouldn’t have to wonder. I was, however, ready to see her bond with her Daddy. I was ready for him to experience the joy I have been so blessed to experience for the past nine months.

They say, ‘Good things come to those who wait.’ Well, we’ve waited and we were ready for our little blessing to be born into the world.

What do you do to pass the time by while you wait for your Poshette or Dapper Dude to make their debut?

Love, Hugs, and Twiddling Thumbs,


6 responses to “Mumsy Moments: Anticipation

  1. I feel like I just read a story (great post)! This toook me back to my pregnancy. I also grew tired of the unsolicited advice I would get…I often would hit the *forced laugh* and smile too LOL

  2. This was awesome!!! i’m probably going to be folding and unfolding all the time too as I wait for him to arrive. lol

  3. oh and you look super cute! I need that dress in the middle! I love me some fitted dresses. 🙂

    • Thanks Courtney! The dress is from H&M and it was a steal at $10!! I got it a few years ago, but surprisingly they still have it in the basics section!

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