The “Ugly” Side of Pregnancy

Ok, I don’t intend to scare you but it’s about to get really real.

Pregnancy is beautiful, no doubt about that. The journey of a human being developing inside of your body is amazing in itself, but let’s be honest. This takes a real toll on your body both during and after pregnancy. From the “glow” to the dark side… here are the top 10 side effects of pregnancy that many women experience during and even after pregnancy:

10) Nausea- I’m sure you all have heard of this but let me explain. This “morning sickness” lasts ALL day long! Usually for the first few months. However, I have heard some women share that it can last for the ENTIRE pregnancy! Fun right?!

9) Leaking breasts- Oh yeah!! GAME TIME! LOL This takes place towards the end of your pregnancy. It is your body preparing for the baby. Your breasts will leak colostrum in preparation of breastfeeding so you may need to pull out those nursing pads a little early or else you will be walking around with two wet spots on your shirt! How cute!

8) Acne- Remember that acne spell you had in high school? Oh yeahhh. it’s back! And be careful how you treat it because most acne washes/creams have salicylic acid (also called beta hydroxy acid) and benzoyl peroxide and it is suggested that you stay away from those ingredients while pregnant. Be sure to ask your doctor about what acne treatment would be best for you. Or, there is always concealer : )

7) Body Hair-We all would just love to have thicker hair right?! How about thicker hair on places you didn’t know hair could grow?! Not so much! I’ve had friends say hair grew on their chests, back and chinny, chin, chins (I couldn’t resist). Don’t worry! The hair should disappear after birth. Maybe.

6) Spider Veins- The  increase in blood volume may cause the  veins in your legs to become more visible. They can be worse when you stand  for long periods. Use this as an excuse to sit back and kick your feet up! Once pregnancy is over, and they don’t disappear, you can consult with a dermatologist about removal and treatment.

5) Weight gain- this is a given. We all know, and expect that you will gain weight. First and second trimester, we are loving that extra cushion (and so is the baby) but uhhhh the last trimester, not so much. The cute and distinct bump started to blend into my rounded physic. I went from loving to document my pregnancy through pictures to running from cameras LOL

4) Dental Distress- Bleeding gums, sensitivity and more! I had such a bad tooth ache I thought I would have to get my tooth pulled! It hurt so bad! Eventually the symptoms subsided and I felt fine a few weeks later. Thank Jesus!

3) Swelling- Thank God I didn’t experience this. Mainly because my mom kept me away from salty foods (when she wasn’t looking). I’ve seen women with swollen hands and feet! Go on ahead and put your wedding ring on a necklace and throw on those flip flops because it gets real!

2) Hemorrhoids- Yup! I said it! HEMORRHOIDS! The weight and position of the baby, constipation/straining (along with other causes) can lead to these babies! Don’t worry too much. There are plenty of creams, and medicated pads to help with this.

And for the number 1 spot…..

1) STRETCH MARKS-  You’ve heard about the infamous “tiger stripes.” You can use every cream and lotion in the drug store and STILL get them! SMH And this is not just limited to the belly! They may also pop up on the thighs, breasts, and butt. Oh, and guess what?! My stretch marks weren’t that visible until AFTER giving birth! So all along I thought I was “good.” Nope!


This post is by no means a rant nor do I want to come off as complaining.  I am truly grateful for a healthy pregnancy and I know there are many women out there who would love to experience each and every side effect. I wanted to shed light on somethings I experienced that you often don’t hear about in pregnancy. If you are experiencing these side effects, keep pushing through! It should all disappear once you give birth! I promise 🙂

Bumps and Bellies,


12 responses to “The “Ugly” Side of Pregnancy

  1. Hey Kacey!

    This is a great, albeit scary, post. I’m not a mommy (yet), but it’s good to go into anything knowing everything you’re getting yourself into. One way to know how you’ll experience is by talking to your mom. My mom had eight children and for the most part had really decent pregnancies. She didn’t get much nausea or weight gain, but she did say her feet grew…eek!

    Oh the joys of motherhood.


    • Thanks Shakirah! I just wantd to warn future mommies of what may happen to them. I was freaked out by these side effects because I never heard much about them happening during pregnancy. Oh not much nausea or weight gain?! You may be in the clear!! And yes, I’ve heard of your feet going up a size or two! And I know you have some cute shoes!! Go on ahead and slide them this way LOL

  2. Maybe I will hire a surrogate. LOL! This is tough stuff, BUT.. one thing I always hear mothers say, is that it was all WORTH it. 🙂

  3. I experienced all except for 9, 6, and 2… I was fortunate to actually get a break from Acne completely. lol Oh. Lets not forget biggER feet for some. eeek!

  4. I had a pretty easy pregnancy but for some off reason I never threw up until the very end. Like the last month I started getting sick and having to jump out of the bed in the middle of the night to throw up:( I really thought I was clear from that! And my feet also grew a half size….and I had big feet to begin with!! I heard that it can happen each time. Jesus knows I can’t afford that! LOL

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