Fashion Friday: Fashion Bananas Interview!

Today we have an exclusive interview with Delmy Rivera  from

You can check her blog out here. Hailing from Bronx, NY, Delmy has the cutest maternity fashion. We took note of her style through her instagram page and we are total fans. Delmy took some time with us to answer a few questions about how she dresses up her bump:

Tell us a little about your blog: 

It’s a little bit of Beauty and what I am currently loving or inspired by, but mostly Daily outfit posts.

What are you having?

I am having a Boy!


How’s your pregnancy been so far?

It was pretty good all throughout the 2nd trimester. I never got sick, but now I’m experiencing shortness of breath, pelvic girdle pain, and my ribcage hurts when I’m trying to sleep. But I’ll handle anything for my little man.

How has your fashion style changed since pregnancy?

It has definitely changed.  I can’t really wear pants anymore or my oh so favorite crop tops. But I love dressing up my bump, I have been lucky to find the cutest clothes.


What are your three staple pieces that your find yourself wearing often?

Hmm, As of right now I don’t really have any. I just wear what works with my growing belly.  But it usually consist of a White tee, Black blazer and skinny blue jeans.

Have you bought a lot of maternity clothing or just a size up in clothing?

I honestly have about 4 maternity pieces. Everything else has been normal size. I’m not sure if it’s because I am carrying low, but I have been able to keep my waist. I really have not gained any weight on top, it’s has been mostly on the bottom area.


 What stores to do find that you shop in often for clothing?

Asos has been my #1 then comes topshop and just some department stores.

 A lot of women find it hard to embrace the extra pounds, new curves, and bulging belly, what advice would you share with a Pregnant mom-to-be about how to embrace her bump?

Every Mom to be carries different, but I’d say flaunt it. I love bodycon dresses or empire mini dresses.


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Isn’t she fly?! Talk about “Posh & Pregnant!” Thanks so much Delmy for sharing how you dress your bump! I hope this inspires all of our pregnant mommies to throw out those baggy clothes and embrace their bump!

Are you a fashionable “Posh & Pregnant” mommy? Send in your photos and descriptions to We would love to feature you on Fashion Friday!

In hopes that you wear your bump proudly,


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