Birthing Story: Kacey’s point of view

Finally, I have sat down to write-up Zoë’s birthing story.

My pregnancy was great. Minimal complications and pretty uneventful. I worked two jobs and completed a rigorous graduate school program. I thought I had that “pregnancy thing” down pact. That was until jump starting labor. As many mom’s mention, waiting for the baby’s arrival those last few weeks of pregnancy can be quite nerve-racking. Reality sets in that you are really about to be a parent. But before those thoughts you think “Holy crap!” How is this baby gonna come out of my body?! I mean, of course you know how but YIKES! Anywho, there we were. A week before Zoë was to make her debut. Baby shower gifts sorted out, organized and house cleaned from top to bottom.


We had nothing else ot do but wait. Zoë’s due date was originally planned to be set on a date that fell during the week of my “spring break.” I thought that was perfect so that I wouldn’t miss out on much in class. And Julian had already gotten that week approved to have off. But of course, Zoë did not budge. Matter of fact, at my OB appointment, they found that she was breech meaning she was feet/butt first instead of head first. It was explained that if the baby hadn’t flipped this far into the pregnancy than chances are she wouldn’t flip on her own. They proposed two options. Either that we have a c-section or have a procedure called an External Cephalic Version where the doctor manually turns the baby up and away from the pelvis into the head first position. I knew that c-section was NOT an option. Like I said…I had to get back to class! Trying to graduate here people!! (idk what I was thinking) LOL Soo I went to the world-wide web to research this External Cephalic Version. And boy did those videos scare me but I was willing to give the procedure a try. and so we did. We were truly nervous but it went without a hitch! (thankfully) The doctor picked Zoe up and turned her from outside the belly. The procedure took no more than 2 minutes. Any longer I probably would’ve said forget it because it was pretty painful. Even after all of that, there was a chance that she could still flip back into the breached position *sigh* We went home, ate, slept, walked miles, ate, slept and walked many more miles and still no Zoë.

Walking at the park

Walking at the park

Julian and I became so frustrated. I wasn’t dilating a bit! He had taken off of work, and I was taking time off from class, except for skyping in.. but even still, I felt so behind. My mom had to bring us both back to reality and explain that the baby would come when she was ready. A week after her proposed due date the OB said we could finally schedule a date to be induced. On that day we went to the hospital where they softened my uterus and sent me home. They explained this will help jumpstart labor and make my water break. Well it worked. We went out to eat and went home to rest. That’s when the cramps came but they weren’t so bad. I wasn’t able to sleep though. I kept walking around and going back and forth to the bathroom. Later that evening my mom came home and right on time, my water broke. That’s when the contractions picked up and we began to time them. We called my OB and she told us to “come on in!” Julian and I hopped in the car and drove to the hospital. This was around 10 pm. No traffic, no foolishness. Just a smooth ride listening to some Erykah Badu ( Julian’s choice). The ride was nothing like the movies where everyone if panicking and freaking out. I digress. We got to the hospital and checked in. They had our room waiting for us. The doctor went to check how many centimeters I had dilated and guess what…I was at 1! Like WHAT?! SO they went ahead and gave me pitocin (yes , I said the P word). In the midst of that, I was offered a drug called Stadol. It made you feel shall I say “at ease.” My friends have text messages til this day of some crazy stuff I was saying in labor. I was also offered that good ole epidural and did not refuse! I was good to go!! Seriously! My mom caught up with us at the hospital and the doctor basically said this would be an overnight process since I had only dilated 1 cm. The OB suggested that we all get a good night’s rest and try delivery in the morning. Two seconds after she cut the lights I felt Zoe move down the birth canal and felt this strong urge to push. I told Julian to get the doctor and he kept asking “are you sure?!” Of course that pissed me off (blame the hormones, maybe). He went and got the doctor. She strolled in, I’m sure annoyed and asked what the problem was. I told her I needed to push. She walked over and said “that can’t be possible,but I’ll check.” Sure enough, she checked and yelled to her nurses in some fancy doctor lingo to come and assist her. They all ran in cutting on the lights and ready for delivery. Zoë was ready to make her debut! My mom had her video camera ready and Julian, well Julian was there sucking up air. I think he was astonished at everything that was taking place. He zoned out a couple of times. LOL Only five, 10 second pushes with no tearing and out she came! I didnt know how I would react to seeing her but once they laid her on my chest I burst into tears, like hollering and all! Julian was laughing out of joy and my mom broke out into a praise. Yeah, if only you could see the video footage. Such an emotional experience. So surreal. This baby developed inside of me for 9 whole months and here she is! Nothing mattered in that moment. I nursed her to sleep and watched her for the rest of the night. My dad and brother were our first visitors. But we had that first night to take it all in. Til this day I reflect on how amazing the body is. God is amazing. The development and delivery of a baby are apart of God’s magnificent work!  I had a safe and successful delivery and my daughter was healthy. What was there to complain about?! At 2:14 am, on March 25th 2010, our dear Zoë was born.

When we first met

When we first met

Zoe's announcement with some personal information removed ; )

Zoe’s announcement with some personal information removed ; )

I’m by no means bragging. Even my OB said “now don’t go bragging because your delivery was an easy one!” I pray my next pregnancy  and delivery goes just as well!

Forever grateful,


5 responses to “Birthing Story: Kacey’s point of view

  1. HaHa @ “Of course that pissed me off”!! Great story, I remember receiving the news early that morning, and receiving the picture text from you that morning, of my first niece .. “Hi Auntie Kort!” Of course I also began to cry.. LOL. Wish I were home from school to be there. Love my niece to death.. thank God for you Zoe Zoe. ❤ I'm going to go now before I start to cry lol already a little emotional after reading the post. Geesh I'm a softy! 🙂

  2. Wow Kacey! Your story had me tearing up! I love how strong you were during your pregnancy (school, two jobs, etc.) Zoe definitely had a mind of her own at 0 months old lol….love how your mother counted that moment as a time of rejoicing!! Beautiful story!!

    • Thanks Cheylaina! You never know how strong you are until you are tested! : ) I’m glad I have documented that moment in time!

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