Bringing Home Baby

Say ‘Hello’ to my new life.

First Family Photo

I knew this day was coming. I knew I would not the have most friendly nurses ever waiting on me hand and foot, tending to my every I-need-a-fluffier-pillow request, administering the feel-good medicine that made me forget I ever had a C-Section, and bringing me semi-delicious cuisine three times a day. I knew the abundant supply of diapers and wipes, the use of the hospital-grade pump (even though my milk hadn’t come in yet), and the luxury of having a doctor on call for every gurgle and grunt Aria made that I was unsure of, would eventually come to an end. If I knew that my short stay in private-room heaven would have to come to end then why was I almost brought to tears when it was time to check-out of the hospital?

Going HomeMaybe it was because I knew that from this moment on Aria was mine.  My sole responsibility; the product of my decisions past, present, and future. My duty is to love and protect her — Aria and I will forever go hand in hand. There are no nurses at home to show me how to wrap her like a burrito, to show me the different holds for effective breastfeeding, or how to aspirate the little boogies out of her nose (Lord knows I cannot stand a dirty nose). From this day forward everything I needed to know about parenting was going to be learned by trial and error, from her Grandma and Nana, or via Google.

Wheeling Out

So, here we are. D-Day. We checked out of the hospital around 12:30pm on Thursday, April 7, 2011. I was wheeled out of my fairytale wonderland known as the maternity ward, down the elevator, out of the automatic double doors, and found myself back in the real world. As I held my newborn baby in my lap (well, her car seat) I looked up into the sky. At this moment I knew everything would be just fine. A refreshing spring breeze danced across my face and the warmth of the sun beamed down upon us. I believe this seemingly small gesture from Mother Nature was the Lord’s way of welcoming Aria into this precious world, into our first day of a new life. It was His way of letting me know that He entrusted one of His sweet, tiny angels from Heaven to Me.  Life is Good.

The car ride home–not so much.

Coming from Northwest, D.C. going all the way to Southern Maryland–Whew. If you know D.C. then you know this is the Pothole Capitol. Even the tiniest of bumps felt like we were falling into oblivion. There was traffic from construction and it seemed as though every driver forgot the rules of the road. Poor Daddy Mel. As he was driving he winced at every pothole and wanted to curse every indignant driver. ”WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH YOU?! Can’t you see we have precious cargo on board?!” I guess this is when the “Baby On Board” decals come in handy. But really, does anyone ever take heed to those? I don’t think so. Lo and Behold, Aria slept like a baby – no pun intended – the entire ride home.

SleepingBabyWe were greeted at the front door by Aria’s Nana (my mom) and Auntie Lauren (my sister). The smile on my mom’s face was indescribable. If you look up ‘Proud Nana’ in the dictionary, you would see her face, at that exact moment, right next to it. Her first grandbaby?! Oh, you better believe she will be a spoiled little thing. Between the four of us, I’m not sure who was more excited. We gathered around this beautiful, sleeping baby girl and simply gazed at her in awe. That was my reassurance. My family, my support system, is now her family, her support system and they will always be here for this child.

Lesson Learned: We all have moments in life where we just don’t know how we can handle a task, situation, or life event on our own. No instructions? No manual? No Lifeline? Sheesh. But Faith, instinct, and intuition can go a long way. Trust and believe in yourself and the Lord and you will excel in all that you do.

Love, Hugs, and Potholes,


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