Zoë’s Birth: Julian’s Perspective

At three years old, my daughter Zoë is my best friend in the whole world.  She is my other half, we do everything together, we draw, paint, dance, read, makeup hilarious bedtime stories that don’t make any sense, and of course do headstands, but I can remember her birth like it was yesterday!


I’d always heard stories of how tough pregnancies were, how long they take, and even scary complications which can occur, so as our due date crept closer I have to admit that my stomach was in knots, I was a nervous wreck (but don’t tell Kacey though, because I was acting super calm and heroic lol)!

A week before Zoë was due to make her debut into the world, we were told by doctors that she was breeched (in a Dad’s mind you can just imagine the horrors that immediately popped in my head), and really I should’ve started this Birth Story by telling you that I do not know much about pregnancy or medical lingo AT ALL so please don’t judge me lol.  We were told that if Zoë couldn’t be flipped, that a C-section would be required, which definitely wasn’t what we wanted, so we chose door number two in which the doctor would perform an External Version to try safely flip Zoë!

Going into that procedure, I was in a state of silent yet constant dread, thinking about all of the things that could go wrong.  As we were escorted into the room, and Kacey lay down with her belly in the air, the doctor walked in calm and cool and took a seat next to her while observing the sonogram monitors.  I’m not quite sure what exactly I was expecting but when the doctor took one hand and put it at the bottom of Kacey’s stomach, and grabbed Zoë’s head with the other, I was shocked and a little grossed out when I literally saw him moving Zoë in her Mother’s stomach, it was like an Aliens movie… And we all know how those end.  It was both amazing and shocking that this major procedure was over in 90 seconds and when the doctor smile, letting us know it was we both breathed a huge sigh of relief!

Even after the procedure there was chance that she could flip back around but we hoped she’d play along.  As our due date came and went, we walked, ate, drank, walked, went to the movies, ate, drank, and walked, I’m sure you notice the pattern.  I wasted a week of Leave, Kacey’s Spring Break passed and she decided to go back to work instead of being home bored, finally we were allowed to set an induction date.  Oh and during these last few weeks we were at the doctor office often, the doctor did a lot of uterus softening and a whole bunch of other stuff that I don’t want to know AT ALL.

The day of the induction kind of went in a blur for me.  We did some last minute running around, went out to eat, and then went home to crash until our midnight Induction, Kacey tried to rest, as I watched a few episodes of Law and Order (SVU of course), when Kacey said in a rather calm tone “my water just broke” I shot up like rocket, scrambled around the house grabbing bags and go-kits, forgetting my keys while Kacey calmly wobbled out to the car, WHERE ARE MY KEYS?!  We made it to the hospital around 10:45PM, we were taken to our room where Kacey would give birth, and for the next hour there was a lot of dilation checking (again, don’t want to know exactly what goes on down there) and then she was given Potosin.  After that Kacey was in a bit of dream-like state lol, which is super funny because she’s always the really sober person in the room, so to hear her murmur about pit-bulls in Jordan’s was a comical!

About 1:00AM Kacey still was only about 2cm dilated, the nurses told us to get some rest and they would start the birthing process in a few hours.  With the lights out, Kacey lying down, Ms. Lynne (her mom) laying on a pullout couch, and me acting tough sitting up in a chair next to Kacey, only 15 minutes passed when Kacey popped up and told me to get the doctor.  I asked a few times was she sure about getting the doctor or just delirious, which irritated her… I knew when she snapped “GET THE DOCTOR” in a really deep voice.  I jogged out in the hallway and grabbed the first nurse I could.  The nurse thought we were tripping but she came in to check and to our surprise she immediately turned on the lights, called the Doctor, rushed to get other nurses, and began pulling in equipment.

Zoe was already crowning (again not 100% sure I want to know), the next 15 minutes were a blur, I was tasked with holding up one of Kacey’s legs and encouraging her to push (according to Kacey I did terrible at both lol)!  Okay, so I admit I zoned out a bit.  I mean, Kacey’s mom was buzzing around with a video camera, Kacey was murmering nonsense and crying happily and hysterically, and the nurses were doing their nurse thing.  I was happy to see the Doctor stroll in cool and calm, she immediately went to work, telling Kacey to push and carefully pulling Zoë out.  At 2:14 AM it became real!  My life changed forever with the birth of my daughter, and she was so beautiful (and if we’re being 100% she was blue, she looked like Smurfette but still gorgeous), she let out one little cry and my heart immediately melted.  Zoë was absolutely perfect and I couldn’t wait to hold her in my arms, which Kacey and I awkwardly took turns doing for the next few hours!  I’m very thankful for such an easy pregnancy and amazing product of God’s amazing work, we are so blessed to have Zoë!!






The day I became a Dad,


4 responses to “Zoë’s Birth: Julian’s Perspective

  1. Thanks for sharing your story Julian. Wow did those pictures take me back. Remember those days all so well. Love my niece, she is such an amazing and beautiful little lady…. she’s changed all of our lives I must say. And I am going to leave now before my water eyes begin to leak. Much love.

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