Posh Project: Engagement Basket

Remember a few posts back, Ericka shared with you all the news of her engagement? (Click here for the scoop) Well I decided to put together a simple congratulatory gift for her and Dapper Daddy Jamel. I’ve been itching to put together one of these for a while now and finally got my chance! Here is what I included in my Engagement Basket to Ericka and Jamel:

  • Wine -For them to enjoy on a later date, once baby #2 gets here : )
  • Card- expressing congratulatory remarks
  • Ring Dish-to hold that beauty of a rock
  • monogrammed Notepad/Folder- for wedding planning
  • Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine- DIY edition to help with ideas




So I went and dropped off the basket to Ericka. I wanted to surprise her with it, but I think I blew it by accidentally honking my horn when I pulled up to the house LOL  I ended up just calling her to let me in.




While I wasn’t able to totally surprise her with it, she was still thankful for the gesture/gift. I think this is a nice gift to acknowledge an engagement.

What ways have you celebrated a friend’s engagement?

Love, Hugs and Engagement Baskets,


2 responses to “Posh Project: Engagement Basket

  1. We must have been reading eahc others minds. 🙂 I am doing something similiar for my friend. She got engaged in February and they decided to forgo an engagement party. I decided to throw her a “Girl’s Bridal Soiree” to celebrate her engagement. I invited 7 of her closes friends (single, in a relationship, and married). We will give her advice on planning her wedding and i suggested everyone bring a gift the Bride can use during the wedding planning process i.e. bottle of champagne, candles, bubble bath, wedding planning book, lingerie. I am excited and cant wait to celebrate her engagement. Great post.

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