Operation: Save Toilet Paper!

Ok, it has come to my attention that we run through toilet paper like no one’s business!

We would run out left and right and I couldn’t wrap my head around it, until..one day I was walking in the hallway and I glimpse in the bathroom to see little Miss Zoe, finishing up her “duties” on the toilet and what do I see? A PILE of toilet paper building up as she rolled it out! This is obviously what’s been happening. Thank God she never clogged up the toilet! Anywho, I decided to tape a line about three/four inches below the roll as a “Stop Line.”This way Zoe will know where to stop pulling the toilet paper.

Here is the bathroom without the “Stop Line”

Without the "Stop Line"

And a simple after of the “Stop Line”


The “Stop Line” will indicate where she can not pull the toilet paper pass:


Like this:


stop line

Hopefully, all of this will keep our stash filled!


I’m curious to see how this is going to work. Of course, I will keep you all posted ! What ways do you try to get your little one to not use so much toilet paper?! I would love to hear!

Saving toilet paper one roll at a time,


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