Posh Project: Cheez-It Literacy Activity

Who loves Cheez-Its?! Zoë looovvess Cheez-Its! If your following our Instagram, then you can recall the video I posted summarizing our snack time turned literacy activity  last night.

As we know, toddlers love to eat/snack. One day while shopping, I went down the chip aisle to get our box of Cheez-Its like normal, however this time, I noticed there was a “Scrabble Juniors” edition. My brain went to work on what I could do with them! It may have been the Speech Pathologist in me but I just knew I was excited to see how Zoë would respond to using the Cheez-Its instead of the same ole alphabet Flash Cards.

We usually sing a song of “A is for Apple A-A-Apple…B is for Ball, B-B-Ball” and so on. This is our way of practicing sound-letter recognition by associating words that start with each letter of the alphabet and providing the sound of that letter. So this time I thought we could incorporate some letter identification first then go into the sound-letter identification, hints the use of the Cheez-Its. For example, I asked Zoë to point to a given letter “Point to the letter A.” (Zoë points) I’d prompt her.. “A is for..” She would give me an example of a word that starts with the letter A.. “Apple!” The reinforcement (prize) for getting it correct would be her treat of being able to eat that letter Cheez-It which of course, was her favorite part. That reinforcement lets her know that her response is correct. When she didn’t get it correct, I would provide her with simple prompts or hints like providing two answer/letter choices instead of 9. All in all, it was a success! Zoë actually liked the activity! She was able to identify 10 letters before losing interest LOL I’d recommend this to mommy of any toddler/preschooler who would like to work on sound-letter recognition!

Snack Time!

Snack Time!



pointing to the letter

pointing to the letter

Showing the letter and giving an example of a word that starts with that letter

Showing the letter and giving an example of a word that starts with that letter

Enjoying the reward!

Enjoying the reward!


What ways do you encourage literacy development in your Poshette(s) and/or Dapper Dude (s)? Share Below!

Love, Hugs and Literacy,


8 responses to “Posh Project: Cheez-It Literacy Activity

  1. Kace! I just left my cousin’s blog ( Tonya: Style Atelier) and saw you have one of your own so I said I had to visit. And I love it! The theme is adorable (posh mumsy and dapper daddy). But back to your post, lol, this one in particular caught my eye because as a mommy, educator and tutor I’m always looking for motivational learning games and activities. My son is allergic to everything (milk and cheese included) so I haven’t tried this one. But I could maybe switch the cheez-it’s out for some Haribo alphabet gummies. Kai and I use apps on the iPad (one of his favs will say the letter aloud and he has to identify the correct one from a group of letters on the screen) Starfall.com is great for literacy too. Kids can do some amazing things once they’re taught! He’s been using that site since he was 3! I’m not sure how late I am…but, CONGRATS on your new venture. Hope to see you soon. Talia

    P. S Zoë looks so grown up!

    • TALIAAAA! Hey lady!! Thanks so much and Congrats to YOU on all of your recent accomplishments! I loooove starfall! I use it with my students! I guess I could start introducing it to Zoe now! Have a great school year : )

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