Posh Projects: Welcome to Maryland Basket

Ok, so I promise I’m not turning into some themed basket- making lady but I have to admit that they are fun to make and are the best gifts to celebrate a life event.

My Auntie Laurie and cousin Denyel recently moved here to Maryland from the beautiful ocean state of Rhode Island, you know, the smallest state in the United States? I wanted to celebrate and acknowledge the fresh start that this move is to them so my sister and I thought a “Welcome to Maryland” basket would be perfect.

The essentials:

  • Metro Map: to make riding the Metro a little easier
  • Sightseeing Map of DC: of all the museums and monuments
  • Washington Nationals Button: D.C.’s baseball team
  • Wine: From a vineyard in Maryland
  • UTZ Crab Chips: These chips have Old Bay seasoning on them which is made in Maryland
  • Washingtonian Magazine: The “Best breakfasts” Edition that highlights all the best breakfasts and brunches in the D.C., MD and Virginia area
  • Black-eyed Susan: The Maryland state flower
  • Cherry Blossom Chocolate Bar: Dark Chocolate cherry infused chocolate bar
  • Pail: To collect all the crab scraps after picking the meat out
  • Keep Calm printable: “Keep Calm and Eat Crab” What Maryland’s all about!







Welcome baskets like these also are nice gifts for guests in town for your wedding and other events. What do you all this of this basket? What things would you include in your Welcome basket?!

Love, hugs and welcome baskets,


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