A Babyshower Brunch for Mason Alexander

Hello Mumsies! Happy Monday!

This past Saturday, Dapper Daddy Mel and I celebrated the pending arrival of our son, Mason Alexander.


This time around, we decided to go with a Brunch Theme and everything was just as I envisioned. The decorations were neutral, clean and simple, with the focal point being the food, and the Mimosa Bar. The favors were, of course, MASON jars! Since it was SWELTERING outside, the tablescape didn’t get as much use as I’d hoped, but it still looked nice. However, the Mimosa Bar was a hit! lol.

The menu consisted of:

  • Mini Chicken and Waffles served with Honey Butter, Spicy Honey, and Peach-Horseradish Maple Syrup (Sadly, not pictured)
  • Chicks in a nest (Hashbrown cups filled with Scrambled Eggs)
  • Shrimp and Grits (Not pictured)
  • Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs
  • Chicken Salad Cucumber Cups
  • Mini Fruit Tarts
  • Mini Quiche (Spinach Florentine and Cheddar)
  • Crab Balls served with Maryland Crab Sauce, Cocktail, and Tartar Sauce)
  • Spinach Dip Baguettes
  • Donuts, Bagels, and Breakfast Pastries

Our house was once again filled with friends, family, laughter, food, and fun and we enjoyed every minute of it all.

We played a few games, ‘The Price is Right — Babyshower Edition’ and Men in Diapers — That was fun! The guys eventually started snapping each others “diapers” off in the end, so our two winners were the only two players left standing lol.

We opened gifts and to our surprise, Aria received a lot of “Big Sister-to-Be” presents which meant a lot to us. She is our princess, our first born, our forever-baby, so we have really been trying to make sure she does not feel left out or ignored in the midst of all of the Mason hoop-la. One of her gifts was a Ladybug rain set which had Rain Boots, a Rain Coat, and an Umbrella, all of which she HAD to put on…in 100 degree weather. In the words of Grandma…”Honey Hush!” lol

All in all, it was an awesome day and we really enjoyed ourselves. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who could attend and to those who sent their well wishes–We truly appreciate all of you.


To My mom, Mel’s mom, Tiffani, Tiara, Kacey, Casey, and Janae….THANK YOU for all of your hard work and helping me bring my vision to life. When I say we couldn’t have done it without you all, I really mean it…seriously.

Take a look at our Poshettes enjoying the Babyshower :). Too cute!!

Our Poshette's

Love, Hugs, and Babyshower Brunches,


5 responses to “A Babyshower Brunch for Mason Alexander

  1. Another, awesome & memorable event. Your creativity & vision has never ceased to amaze me. I have learned a lot from a very special, young lady in my life. It is ALWAYS my pleasure to help, support & be a part of your life!! I am so excited, awaiting the arrival of my 3rd grandson.

  2. I absolutely enjoyed this! i felt like I was in attendance. You look so beautiful and have an awesome glow Ericka. Baby Mason is in for an awesome ride. THAT FOOD! (where’s this cookbook you guys are creating?) lol.. The Monroe Home is BEAUTIFUL and there is already a lot of love keeping it warm.Love you and so happy for you!!

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