Support ARTKids!!

Dapper Daddy Julian has been busy lately creating a program called ARTkids, which is dedicated to educating youth on the importance of self expression and creativity through teaching and cultivating the fundamental skills of art.

Julian hopes that through teaching youth the basics of Art, he will be able to asist them in excelling creatively as well providing them a platform to express themselves artistically.  With plans to launch this weekly program in September, ARTkids NEEDS YOUR HELP!

ARTkids has to meet its goal of $3,000 via Kickstarter in order to launch! The funds from thisKickstarter will go to paying for the rental space, materials, and supplies necessary to finance this weekly class.  You can help make this awesome program a success by contributing monetarily (you receive awesome rewards for whatever amount of money that you give) and by spreading the word on the campaign!

To view the ARTkids Kickstarter click here!

 Helping Our Kids Paint the World,


11 responses to “Support ARTKids!!

  1. This is so awesome and beautiful! I just LOVE this! I plan to support this movement. Cultivate the creativity in these babies. So proud of this JJ and Kacey!

  2. Thank you Emani, i’m just trying to do my part for the kids! Any contribution is much appreciated (btw no money will be taken from your account until August 28th).

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