Fashion Friday: The Twins Tristin and Tyler!

Today’s Fashion Friday post features the two very stylish twins Tristin and Tyler. I’ve been following their instagram page for quite a while and finally took the time to check out their web page. I’ve always admired their style and how nicely their mom kept them dressed but little did I know they had way more going on than just fashion! Check it out:
Name(s): Tyler and Tristin
Age(s): 9 year old twins
From: New York City, NY
Share with us a little about what your boys have going on: They are the hosts of two web series, “Cooking with Tristin and Tyler” all about cooking healthy snacks  and “Tristin and Tyler’s Tales from the City!” All about whats cool, fun and healthy for kids and the planet! The also report for TimeOut NY Kids!
Where you shop for the boys: I do a ton of online shopping since I just don’t have the time to head to stores and deal with traffic in NYC. I love the boys rocking boutique brands like New Generals and Frank & Lu but also like Polarn O. Pyret, Target (Cherokee and Circo), Stella McCartney Kids and Zara Kids.
Like, seriously!! They put the “Dapper” in “Dapper Dudes!”  If you would like to check out all of what the twins have going on, you can check that out here. Thanks again to their mom Tiffany!!
Want you and your Poshette/Dapper Dude to be featured? Email us with the original Fashion Friday outline found here and photos to!

***Not a Posh Mumsy or Dapper Dad? Well with the consent of the child’s parent, you may email a submission of yourself and a Dapper Dude or Poshette! ***

Fashion Friday is a day where we at Posh Mumsy will feature an ultra stylish family on a weekly basis. We will highlight you and your Poshette or Dapper Dude looking your very best, sporting a fly outfit from head to toe! While we would ideally love to have entries with mom and/or dad along with kids, it is perfectly fine if you opt out and only want to feature your Poshette(s)/Dapper Dude(s). Keep the submissions coming!

Fashion Fridays,


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