Posh Projects: Movie Themed Classroom!

Hey Mumsies! It feels like it has been FOREVER!!! Both Ericka and I have been busy enjoying our summer with our families and we hope you all were able to do the same. Now that the summer is over (inert sad face), it is time to get back to business! As I have shared with you all before, I am a school based SLP (Speech Language Pathologist aka Speech Therapist). All summer I was thinking of how to decorate my new therapy room! I was so excited because my principal gave me a much larger room so I knew I could have a little more fun with this room that the previous years. Anywho, I decided to go with a movie theme! Check it out below:

speechroom10 speechroom1 speechroom2 speechroom3 speechroom4 speechroom5 speechroom6 speechroom7 speechroom8

What do you all think? Do I have any other educators who were excited about decorating your rooms? Did you stick with a theme or color scheme? Share with us at poshmumsy@gmail.com!!

Hugs, kisses and movie-themed therapy rooms,


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