Mumsy Moments: I’m ENGAGED!!

Hello world! This post is long over due but between work, one busy preschooler and planning a wedding, things have been quite busy over here. Yes, you just read that correctly, as of Friday, September the 6th of 2013, I am engaged!!! My looong time boyfriend made it official and proposed to me at my birthday dinner in front of close family and friends! Here is how it all went down:

Friday, September 6th was my 27th birthday.  Julian kept asking me all week where I wanted to eat for dinner and in true indecisive Kacey style, I made up my mind at the last-minute to eat at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Julian was able to reserve a private room to accommodate 20 people who were to dine with us. I totally forgot to take pictures of the room but it had an AMAZING view of the Washington Capitol building!

Hey guys!!


Anywhoo, all of our friends and family filled the room perfectly. The night went on smoothly  as everyone enjoyed their food and drinks. Cake followed the meal and as soon as I thought the night was winding down, Julian thanked everyone for coming out and asked if anyone wanted to say a few words to me. My best friend Portia reminisced on past memories we share, Julian’s sister expressed her excitement on me joining her family (I should’ve know something was up) and my aunt, sister and father all wished me “Happy Birthday.” After we toasted, Julian began his “spill.” I can’t remember the exact words but he expressed his love for me and how I have helped him become the man he is today : ) I knew something was up because of the nature of his speech and emotions. Before I knew it, he was down on one knee, asking “Will you marry me?” Screaming filled the room and of course, I SAID YES!! But wait, Julian incorporated Zoe in the engagement by proposing to her too! With a ring and all! She was equally as happy!



I know you wanna know…did I cry? Well yes, but only until my best friend Portia gave me the deepest embrace of a hug.  No words, just a hug. She is someone who has witnessed it all… the good, the bad and the ugly. From start to finish, even the breaks in between, She has always lended her unbiased opinion to the both of us on many occasions. In that moment, in that hug, we celebrated all of that! I’m sooo glad that we had family and friends there to share that moment with us.

The following day we planned a rooftop party to originally celebrate my birthday but it ended up turning into an engagement party!  Such a great weekend!


It was such a beautiful night!


My friend Lauren caught this picture and sent it to me : )



AAAAAHHH! It’s still weird saying that I’m engaged and calling Julian my fiance’. I can’t belive that I’m planning a wedding! Like of course after 7 looonnggg years, a kid and a house, you would think I would “expect” this proposal and commitment but it is still a dream!  I find myself looking down at my ring thinking “I’M ENGAGED!” I am super excited about not only planning the day that we exchange our vows but also spending our life together as husband and wife!


College throwback! (TBT)


Don’t mind us! Just being silly 🙂

*And yes! We will not only be featuring posts about motherhood but also wedding planning on! It wouldn’t be nice of us to keep you all in the dark now would it?! ; )


Our rings! (Ericka & I)

Posh Mumsy and Posh Bride-to-be,


15 responses to “Mumsy Moments: I’m ENGAGED!!

  1. My eyes are watery…thanks for making my mascara run while at work LOL. Great story! I am SO excited and happy for the both of you…and baby Zoe of course! Congratulations 🙂

  2. So perfect! So very happy for you too. Taking your commitment to God because we know it’s real! And how exciting it have Posh E to share the journey with 🙂 look at God!

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