Posh Projects: DIY Chair makeover

Happy Tuesday! I hope your week hasn’t been as crazy as mine has been (straight face)…and yes, I know, it is only Tuesday!

For those of you who follow us on IG (@poshmumsy), you may have seen the Before and After post of my infamous “$5 Yard Sale Chair.” I had been looking for a nice reading chair for the master bedroom since we moved in. I’m sooooo glad I waited because I was gonna end up spending $100 for ONE chair that would look something like this…

blah yuck blah

I guess that chair was cool, but it lacked the character and personality I was looking for. So, fast forward to a year and a few months later…We were driving home from church and saw a huge “YARD SALE” sign. I hesitated on whether to turn the corner but something told me to! And, there it was …the “$5 chair.”


I LOVED the structure of it and decided that I would paint the chair and reupholster the seat. It came out pretty fabulous if I do say so myself : ) Many of our followers requested that I share the steps I took to achieve this beauty of a masterpiece, so, here it goes:



  • Chair, Ottoman, or Stool of your choice (preferably inexpensive)
  • Primer (so you can skip the SANDING step!)
  • 2 Cans of Spray Paint
  • Damp Cloth (Warm water works best)
  • Upholstery Foam
  • Printed Fabric (Design of choice)
  • Staple Gun
  1. FIRST thing is FIRST..wipe down the chair!! Get all the dust and spider webs off (YUCK)! and let dry.


chair 32. Pull off the seat. This shouldn’t be hard depending how “nailed down” it is. I was able to kick the seat out from under the chair–Not too hard, you don’t want to break the wood plank!

3. After allowing the chair to dry, go ahead and spray your first coat of paint! I hate sanding things, (too much work)  so I made sure that my spray paint had primer in it. AGAIN, my spray paint had primer in it so if your spray paint does not, you will need to prime your chair first!!  I used one can to thoroughly cover the chair, then waited about an hour to let dry.


4.  While I was waiting for my first coat of spray paint to dry, I went on to re-upholstering the seat. The original seat on this chair was disgusting!!  I bought one-inch high-density foam and then covered it with my new trellis fabric. I removed the existing fabric and stuffing, laid down the foam, pulled tightly, and stapled it to the old wood board from the chair. It wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be!!





5.  After that I went back and spray painted the chair again, making sure to get in the cracks and crevices. Lastly, I had Julian nail the seat back onto the chair. Here is how it turned out:

chairafterHere is a reminder of the before:


And here is the after:



Beauty right?! Have you all done any DIY chair projects?! Send them in! We would love to share it with our readers! Email us at poshmumsy@gmail.com

One project at a time,


6 responses to “Posh Projects: DIY Chair makeover

  1. Guess I have to hit up a yard sale now. I need a chair for my office and guest rooms. Thanks for the idea! Love it!

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