Weekend Happenings: Invisible to Invincible Empowerment Brunch

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the Third Annual New Year Empowerment Brunch: “Invisible to Invincible” hosted by Sarea-Flo with special guest Reesa Renee. When I tell you this brunch was amazing (content and food), it was AMAZING.

Sarea-Flo & Reesa Renee

I left my house with the intent of mingling and noshing on good eats; I returned with a new sense of purpose, empowerment, overall well-being, and a fully belly to boot. For a group of women to be able to come together, share their life experiences with people they just met, and ultimately uplift, inspire, and relate to one another, its very “eye-opening,” for lack of better words. I say ‘eye-opening’ in the sense of, you never know what the person next to you is going through.  Just because one person shared their story, they have touched and uplifted another person in a similar situation, providing them a form of hope in knowing they are not alone.  

As an icebreaker activity, we were given an index card with an empowerment word written inside. The task was to apply the word to your life.


My word: Exuberant. (SAT Word-of-the-Day anyone?) While I didn’t share my word, I did take the time to think about how it applied to me. In the majority of situations in my life, I tend to approach things with an exuberant outlook. What you put in, you will receive. So if you approach something with a negative, doubtful attitude, the outcome will be exactly what you expected–Negative. In tough times, I maintain the belief “things will get better,” coupled with the old adage, “Trouble don’t last always.”

After the activity, the featured speaker, Ms. Karen Beale took the floor and really spoke life into everyone. Later, it was revealed to us that Ms. Beale is Reesa Renee’s mother! In hindsight, it made so much sense–the stories they shared, their eloquent manner of speaking– it was really an “Awwwww” moment.

We then mingled and indulged.

Chicken & WafflesMix & Mingle

All in all, I truly enjoyed myself and cannot wait to attend next year’s Brunch. Hope to see you all there!


Oh! And did I mention that Sarea, Owner, Director, and Producer of Sarea-Flo Productions, is a Posh Mumsy?! She has a four-year-old son, Mayir. Now, who said mom’s can’t do it all?

See more pics from the event in the gallery.

Happy Monday Mumsies!

Love & Hugs,


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