Posh Events: Will You be my Bridesmaid?

Hey Mumsies! As you all know, myself and Ericka are both engaged and have thrown another project into our very busy lives….wedding planning! I wanted to catch you all up on how my planning has been so far.  Soon after the proposal, my mind was racing with ideas,  checklist,  costs and beyond! The first thing I did was solidify who I wanted to be in my bridal party. I have many good friends (lucky gal, right?) and I knew this would be a difficult decision. I had a moment of “I’ll just have my sister Kortney up there with me” but I knew that wouldn’t be as fun *wink wink*.  I didn’t want to be “that”  bride with 20 bridesmaids either. I wanted the girls who have been there for me, through thick and thin, highs and lows, laughter and petty arguments…and that’s when I came up with my list of eight girls.  Yes, eight! Once I solidified the wedding party, I was itching to let them know. Of course, I just had to tell them in some creative way, right?!

For my Maid of Honors, I had them come over my house. I presented them with these boxes:


Included in the boxes were:



Needless to say, they were super excited!

For my bridesmaids, I went for a super cute card that states “I found my man, but I still need my girls!…Will you be my bridesmaid?”- Don’t even get me started on what that statement means to me…I’ll burst into tears LOL




I mailed all of the cards except for two. I thought it would be fun to surprise two of my girlfriends from college during our homecoming weekend. I kept it a secret. Every time they would ask who was in the wedding, I’d talk around the subject LOL Here are their totally unscripted reactions:







These pictures still bring a smile to my face. They were soooo honored to be apart of our big day!

What have you done to ask your bridesmaids to be apart of your wedding day?

Busy Blushing Bride,


3 responses to “Posh Events: Will You be my Bridesmaid?

  1. Still holding on to my personal MOET bottle ! 🙂 I am honored to be a Maid of Honor. Love the ways you delivered the news to everyone – creative as always! Love you.

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