Welcome Posh Mumsies of the world!

The Mumsies

We are Ericka and Kacey, the creators of Posh Mumsy.

Between work, daycare, school, practices, cooking, cleaning, and breathing, we are glad that you found a little extra time in your busy schedule to stop by and visit our blog. We hope every evening after the kids are in bed, the dishes are washed, and the lunches are made, that you are able to sit back, kick your feet up and unwind to find humor, inspiration, humility, and “Oh my gosh, I’m not alone” moments with us as we chronicle our lives as Posh Mumsies (glass of wine optional).


15 responses to “About

  1. Hello Erika and Kacey, welcome to WordPress and the rest of us oddballs who write blogs. I really appreciate your following my blog, it is a lovely compliment. I will admit to not being a mumsie and not ever wanted to be one. But I am delighted to know there are many out there who are and are showing their children love, acceptance and fun. You need a sense of humor not matter the situation, otherwise you will go bananas. Keep up the fun and humor, it is always a bright spot in the day.

  2. Hello Ericka! Hi Kacey!

    I slipped your card into my bag Saturday evening and even though I am not a Mom, I enjoy you guys’ blog! Its not only funny but I appreciate the DIY posts, recipes…

    Anyway, keep the creative and informing posts coming πŸ™‚

    Oh and congratulations Kacey, your post was beautiful!


  3. Hi! Fellow Posh Mumsy here! I love this blog and definitly support the idea of young, fabulous mothers, wives and future wives, sharing their stories! When you get a chance, stop by Unraveled to experience a glimpse into my adventures in boo-loving, mommyhood, passion and purpose. Keep up the great work!

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